got what i needed long line to pay got to door not aloud to they need to go in all my bags said ok butt get a cop just giggled and pulled my cart away kept it with $325.00 of stuff and out the door i was sent i had to call cops told what they did is ok cop takes my receat gos in side comes out tell me i can now have my stuff i tellthe store manager and cop whant refund give me refund then giggling tells me it willbe 14 days befor i get it

Location: Whiting, New Jersey

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There is a lot more to the story than is being told here. My guess is they had a good reason for doing what they did and would just as soon not see you return to their store.


Wal-Mart does so much business that $325 is a very trivial amount of money to them. Just like two cents would be to you or me. They care not about alienating customers, because they've got too gosh darn many already.


Now you know what Walmart really thinks of you and their customers. Best to shop elsewhere. Why spend money at a store that treats you like dirt?

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