Bought a small scale, paid cash. Scale did not work so I brought it back but left the receipt home thinking I didn't need it as Walmart has a BIG sign saying "WE WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY TO REFUND YOUR PURCHASE


So I took the scale back.

Walmart would NOT refund my cash purchase without a receipt - no matter what the sign stated. IF I would have paid by credit card they would have credited the card.

They were only going to give me a store credit and not the refund the sign promised. After a few minutes in heated discussion about the refund, they asked me to GO TO ANOTHER WALMART!!!

Location: Huntington Beach, California

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One time I bought a big jar of Great Value brand olives. When I first opened them up they tasted real nasty, so I saved the jar to take back the next time that I went to Wal-Mart.

The problem was that I lived way out in the boondocks and I had a nice Pentecostal lady that would take me grocery shopping At Wal-Mart once a month. It was way too far to walk to. The next time that lady brought me to Wal-Mart, I went and handed my receipt and explained about the olives being nasty tasting. The WalMart customer service lady told me that I could not receive a refund, because it had been 31 days since I purchased it.

She didn't care that I didn't have any way to take it back before then. So after I got home, I called up the 1-800 number for Wal-Mart and talked to a nice gentleman, and I explained why it had been 31 days. He send me a $5 Wal-Mart gift card.

The olives had been $4 something, so I even got a few extra cents. From then on out, I would always buy the big jar of Mario olives, even though they costed about a dollar more a jar.


It is true that they have a 90 day return policy on most items. The part about not needing a receipt isn't true.

How do you plan on proving that the item you are returning was purchased less than 90 days ago? How can you prove what you paid for it if indeed you paid for it.

If you used a credit or debit card they may be able to look your purchase up and print a duplicate receipt. Wherever you shop returns are always easier when you bring your receipt.


Wouldn't it have been alot easier just to take the receipt with you. It is just a small piece of paper that doesn't weigh anything.

You could have saved yourself alot of trouble. You even admitted that you thought about the receipt right before you left.

You wasted your time, their time, and you probably dangerously raised your blood pressure getting so angry. Next time, bring the receipt with you for Chrissake!

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