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Wal-Mart is a bunch of Crooks. We had 4 brand new tires put on our van yesterday.

We got up this morning and one of the tires were flat. My husband aired the tire up and took it back to them. They took the tire off and we had a cracked rim. The rims were fine when the old tires were on there.

They would have noticed a darn cracked rim when they put them on. They cracked our rim putting the new tires on. We filed a claim at the store and they refused to give us the claim number. They told us it would take 24-48 hours to even find out it they can do anything about it.

My husband has to drive the cracked rim home just to get home. Join me in a Boycott against Wal-mart!!!!

I will take all my business to K-Mart and Foodlion. Down with Wal-Mart!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Claim.

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Get ahold of the manager. We had that happen at a walmart store.

They paid to get a new one. It will take a while with all the paper work you have to fill out. It took about eight months to be reimbersed. We never gave up.

Another time we took a brand new car in and they got gear oil on the driver seat.

They paid for a new seat. It was expensive, but they did it.