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I ordered a Sony PlayStation 4 Slim online that was priced incorrectly. When Walmart noticed their error they canceled my order.

and didn't bother to let me know I would not be receiving my item. In my belief, it was their error and I should get the product at that price so I called to tell them that. In my heated discussion with the third representative I had to talk to, after having to call them twice, she explained their policy of automatically cancelling orders of products with the incorrect price. She then explained that she had my payment information and she could order me a new one at the correct price.

After the associate hung up on me I began wondering; if she makes an error with my payment information are they going to say that their policy stops them from correcting the situation. I'm not going to trust this store with any of my purchases ever again.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Walmart Pros: Policies help walmart.

Walmart Cons: Walmart has a policy to get them out of any mistakes they make.

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oh derar they shouldn't have


They should not have cancelled without any notification. Mistakes are human, however so there was no reason they had to honor the lower price.

Sure it would have been great if they did, but it was not your right to have it at that price. Agree with the poster below on 12/7...if the mistake had been to charge you way more you would have expected it to be corrected.


So using your logic, if they made an error and charged you twice the price for an item that would be ok as well? I bet your thinking would quickly change and you would want a price reduction.