Houston, Texas
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This store is never stocked. We went grocery shopping last week and there was NO bagged lettuce, no fresh romaine, fruit flies in the apples and kiwis, molded grapes, and soft tomatoes.

The cleaning supplies (laundry) were barely stocked.

The bread was very scarce and two male employees kept yelling something about "sexing" some "sexy ***". I am absolutely disgusted with this place and sadly it's the only low price grocery in the area.

The store is not the cleanest and the bathrooms aren't kept up at the front of the store - the back ones aren't too awful most of the time.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I understand what you mean. The Walmart I just expressed my opinion always has empty shelves too. And I'm NOT talking about fresh produce because our small Walmart doesn't sell them. I feel you. Well I never ask or complain as I usually keep that to myself. But I do understand what you meant (not like the other biased response).

After what I experienced recently, I wrote a complaint on the Walmart Facebook, you should do that too and hopefully they can improve that.

About the two staff talking about that ***, that is apparently wrong. I would not accept that at any work place. Again, I don't know how the other response suggested that there is nothing wrong. I'm sorry to hear that you also had bad experience at your local Walmart, I hope Walmart can read this and solve all these problems soon. Or at least we can get a sincere apology.


A lot depends on the time of day that you go shopping, whether or not a store is well stocked. The shortage of lettuce could be because it has been determined that lettuce from certain areas have been causing intestinal problems.

Do you realize how hard it is to keep fruit flies out of fresh fruit? I have read articles telling people to immediately wash their fresh fruit when they get it home to avoid having fruit flies in it. I imagine you think WalMart should do that too. The store could be waiting for a truck to come in with supplies.

From what I understand the individual stores aren't responsible for when stock is ordered. As far as the bread goes, the WalMart employees don't take care of that. People from the bread companies do that stocking. If you would pay attention you would notice what it says on the shirts.

As far as what you claim you heard two male employees yelling, it isn't really any of your business. Or are you upset that they weren't calling you sexy? More than likely what you heard was "texting" not "sexy." A store like Walmart is so busy that there is no way at all that they can keep everything up to everybody's expectation all of the time. That is just the way it goes.

If you don't like the store, shop at someplace more expensive. That is an easy enough solution.


Have you seriously never heard of sexting? Look it up.