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I was waiting and looking every where for someone to help me.A lady said she would find someone.She never came back.So I called store manager.She said someone would be their soon.It took about 10min.Someone came with a attitude.Never have I ever went to paint section and someone be there.If walmart wants people to shop at walmart they need to be their to help people.They can afford it.I like the paint that is sold,but always know its going to take extra time to hunt someone to help me.Also if you look at the employs none of them look very happy.Had a friend that worked for walmart.She said walmart treats the employs like ***.If you ask me someone with a heart needs to run the place.The better you treats the workers the better they would work.

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Walmart is a self service store. If you want a personal shopper then you need to go to a high end store and pay twice as much as you do at Walmart.

Myself I know how to help myself and find what I am looking for. Next time take your mommy to hold your hand


I myself work in a a diffrent store but still the same situation. i agree mostly with the first comment, they are rite, employees arent always in one fixed position, they have to move around for a job.

and with the attitude portion of it, yes, not all workers are going to be happy. i think we often forget that employees are people with lives outside of there job, with means something can idead make it so they arent in a good mood 24/7.

so with this i would mostly ike to say is you really arent complaining about the store itself. this person pam is really just complaining about how she has to get off her *** and look for someone to help her since there arent store employees following her around waiting on her every need.


I have known several people that have worked at WalMart for many years and they all like their jobs. As far as the paint department goes, that person does work in other parts of the store too.

If you think you could be happier than the employees that are there, apply for a job with WalMart. I don't think it is that they aren't happy, some people just have bubbly personalities and some don't. Maybe they get unhappy when they see you approach them. I have never encountered a grumpy employee in my WalMart, they are always willing to help, show me where certain items are and if they are unable to help me with that product they page somebody that can.

You can also go to customer service and tell them you need help in a certain department. The only departments that I ever have to wait any length of time in is the fabric department and the Site to Store area. Maybe part of your problem is you attitude. When you approach an employee do you address them as "sir" "ma'am" or "hey you?" Basically I have a hunch you act like you think you are better than the employees, and the fact that your friend didn't like the way she was treated, has nothing to do with your complaint.

Some of your spelling, no spacing between sentences, etc. indicate you aren't as smart as you think you are.


I'm pretty sure from that comment that you haven't known anyone who's worked at walmart. everyone i know who works there ( simply by merit of being a frequent customer ) hates the job, whether its the deli, homewares or electronics.

the only thing i've seen is general loathing. could be store dependent though, who knows. your response seems like the only type of thing a walmart rep would say to discredit a complaint, although your ending on how the approaching a customer has merit to a point.

regardless of how a retail employee is approached they are suppposed to assist the customer and it blows some times. passing it off just makes the problem worse.