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Walmart fired me while pregnant after years of service to them . They fired me for things they do not fire everyone else for.

I’ve seen Walmart protect jobs only for non pregnant workers. Their attendance policy is a cancerous system to anyone’s career or job . That way they can choose to fire whoever they want . Especially at a slower store with a poor store plan.

They punish workers for their bad store plans. Causing pregnant workers to go hungry over “ policy” . Then tax payers are stuck with the prenatal care and delivery when the pregnant workers just wanted to use thei insurance they paid into . Pregnancy hunger pangs after Walmart fires you for stuff they don’t fire everyone for is an awful experience.

The open door and global ethics department are Just scams . Walmart should be forced to pay back the government and tax payers for their inhumane policies that destroy lives .

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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At least it's good that your husband still has his job to help see your family thru these tough financial times until the blessed event occurs. Oh.........what's that?

You don't have a husband? Or a baby daddy that's still in the picture? So you worked for Walmart and got pregnant out of wedlock?

Well, let my vast government dollars that are collected out of my paycheck from my job pay for you and your baby. Would it be okay with you if I claim your baby on my taxes this next year too?


Yes, please use your words. Give us some details in complete sentences. And if you must breed then get a real job.


What are you rambling on about? What were you fired for?

Were you showing up for work late, missing shifts without an excuse, taking long or unauthorized breaks? State your complaint so people can understand what you feel the problem is.




You must be more specific . Much more . And truthful .