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Repeatedly lack of products in the shelves is a big issue for Management which is obviously a problem in most Walmart stores near Manassas and Woodbridge in Virginia. Yesterday about noon visit Store 01852 Woodbridge at noon.

I missed to purchase Green Beans in the produce department only organic were available regular did not as well may empty shelves. Meat department the 5 pound 80/20 ground meat pack was not available when I approached an employee who was working there the first response was looks like wee don't carry that item, when I told her I purchase this same item every week from this and other stores around then she looked and found the spot and went to the fridge after about 10 minutes waiting she returned with 5 packages. The Yogurt section also was neglected, milk fat 0 was also empty I had to ask an employee to hand one from racks inside the fridge. From 15 items I purchased I had to ask employees to get them because weren't in the shelves where they supposed to be.

I used to shop early about 7 or 8 AM however stop going to the stores because the lack of products in the shelves, yesterday was noon time. There is no excuse for lack of product on the shelves I'm so frustrated the big attitude change since they opened all these stores around here, employees were always smiling and good attitude.

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Yeah it's not easy


You buy the none fat milk, but buy the cheap high fat beef? Makes sense.

Walmarts have been understaffed for many years. Either you learn to live with the fact that shopping at Walmart will usually suck for many sorts of reasons, or you just shop somewhere else!


Since you seem to know so much about how to run a grocery store in an overly populated area - why don't you go run it?

Oh right, wouldn't want to lower yourself to $10 an hour.

Wise up and get real.

EBT rolls out in Virginia every 3 days starting on the first. Ever occur to you that all that food is being taken by the stampers?


If you think you can run a grocery store in an over populated area with EBT rolling out every 3 days at the first of the month - why don't you go work there? Oh right, wouldn't want to lower yourself to only making 10 an hour.

If you have a complaint do something to fix it or shut up. Orwellian ***