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I've shopped at walmart for years and have couponed for years, I've a very "good" couponer I don't empty shelves, I don't read the barcode, I get exactly what the coupon says. Some days I go in and get several items with coupons.

My family depends on me stretching my budget to make ends meet and still eat well. I've never had a problem at walmart till today... and I didn't have many just 3 coupons, thank goodness and I'm sure the cashier was happy about that to. *She was awesome by the way and I felt bad for her b/c she said she had already been yelled at for the same reason I was having problems.* The coupons wouldn't scan and they aren't allowed to type them in anymore...Even though two of them she peeled off the product herself for me to use.

And she could see that I had the correct products. I just had her take them off my total and they will be re-shelved (maybe not the ham though not sure how they do refrigerated items). It is very disappointing and discouraging that you all would start doing this, I could see if the items didn't match the coupon or even if it was printed coupons or from the paper, but really when it comes from the product in your store.

I will no longer (though I know it will not hurt the store) be shopping there and am sharing this all over the place to have some people avoid the frustration I had today. There are other stores that will gladly take my coupons, it just means having to spend a bit more time running around town.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Coupon.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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Oh wow the world. has come to this i guess everyone is expected to use only cash well in this economy its hard look the store needs to punish the ones who are scammers and honor the honest customers and the comments posted are so sad I'm sorry for u all mamabunn i wish i had a lot of money but I'm so poor i can't even pay attention but if i did i would give u enough to make u happy please god help that woman amen


I was in tears at the check out because the cashier was rude and wouldn't take most of my coupons or honor the price match and I had the ads in my hand.

I plan carefully because I only have $4.50 per person a week for groceries. I had to put things back. Not only was my silent tears falling but I dared a glance back at the two elderly ladies in line behind me and...they had tears also.

The most frustrating part is here it is December and there will be no gifts, worst holiday meal or treats.

God bless that we have each other.


It may be that you are an honest couponer, but you have the dishonest/*** couponers & store employees to thank for this policy being put in place. I speak from experience as a retail manager.

You wouldn't believe the dishonest garbage people try and feel justified doing. :roll


This is 100% true, until I worked in retail at customer service and cashier I had no idea how many of the couponers are dishonest and trying to scam (about 30-40% were trying to scam that came to my line). But those who are trying to scam are also committing fraud as described on the coupon which if I remember correctly is a federal offense.


I completely understand that, I used to work at walmart myself several years ago, which is probably one of the reason (that I was raised right) didn't go off on the poor cashier. But if they can look as see I have a 50 cent coupon for product A and I do indeed have product A in my bag's then they should have taken it.

Not a huge deal Ingles doubles coupons and gladly types them in if they don't scan.

It was just annoying and disappointing since I pretty much rely on coupons lol


That also happened to me, I went to the service desk and they did enter the coupon and I did get a cash refund,even so it was more time that I had to waste to wait in line there for my refund, I was not a happy camper and let them know. I know it is not their fault but maybe it will reach the higher-ups.


I'm a super couponer AND I work at walmart. I was horrified when I learned about this today.

Not only does it suck as a couponer, it sucks if you have to ring it up! EVERY coupon that does not scan must call a manager over.

You have no idea how bad this is and how long the lines will be. I encourage everyone to call, write and complain.


So it isn't just local stores? Its company wide..THat is a mess and I feel so sorry for the cashiers.


wow just yesterday I had the same issue. I do not coupon and never bring my own into the STORE.

I picked up two items that had a 1.00 dollar off peel sticker. it was a 16.99 dollar item to begin with so NOTHING FREE here. I get to the check out spent over 125.00 total she is asking me about the coupon I said you just saw me peel it off (well it doesn't match) she says.

Not wanting to be rude I was giving her more time to figure out it does match took her 3 different ringers and a MANAGER to figure out it was the correct item. I saved 2.00 dollars they wasted 15 minutes of my time and the poor line behind me well you know how they felt!!!