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I never liked Walmart, they treat there people poorly, and Customers even worse! Please read this warning!

Although, Walmart is one of the last stores I would go to, I happen to catch a sales paper for some products I use. I had $9.00 in coupons and with the sales I decided to go. This is a big deal for me to go out due to many health issues but it was worth it for me. I am on a tight budget and every dime counts. I went to check out, handed the kid at the check out my coupons. I paid and left the store. The next day I went to get the items I bought and looked at the reciept, the kid never took the coupons off! I called the store and the girl told me to come in and see the store manager. Because, i could not make another trip to Walmart because its not close to my home my boyfriend went. Mind you this was only the next day. The manager said more or less too bad. So, Walmart cashes in my $9.00 coupons and I get nothing! My boyfriend returned the items which I needed and even in doing that Walmart got there items back plus the $9.00! Please before you leave this rip off store make sure to look over you reciept! This happen to me, and it could happen to you! Walmart dosent care about the people who go into the store just about how much they can make!
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DON'T TRY TO USE EXPIRED COUPONS!!! It's not just Walmart, but almost every store and you are no exception.

Coupons usually give you at least a month to use them, so follow the rules and don't cuss someone because they have to follow store policies. You just showed your ignorance.


Yeah I read the part about the coupons expiring by one day also. What happened to that post. Perhaps the OP asked the admin to remove it because it made them look foolish.


One more thing an adult would have already known to double check the receipt.

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They didn't take my $9.00 in coupons off and keep the coupons and I am sure turned them in for the money!

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