Michigan City, Indiana

The guy who designed walmart's new layout must have been on drugs - its looks like K-Mart in the 1960s

Nothing is where you expect it to be. There is no continuity to the location of the departments anymore.

Walmart shot themselves in the foot. I heard a lady say she was going to K-Mart to find a bed skirt as she couldnt find one in the "new" ???? Walmart ---they took a giant step BACKWARD !@!! i TRIED to find cat food - of course, it was no where to be found - they have really messed things up. The towel aisle used to be two long ones, now you have to run thru 4-6 aisles like a rat in a maze to view the entire collection. This ***. See ya at K-Mart

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*** walmart


I guess walmart isnt fun anymore. I know that mommy saves a lot of dollars there, it was worth the 4 hour tour around the store looking for tooth paste. My mommy is not very bright, she once posted our phone number on here due to a dominos pizza complaint, but even she figured out the layout on a few visits. I just pretend its a new store, wonder around for a few minutes, and then find mommy by the shampoo or daddy by the beer.

Maybe walmart figured out the fact that people get bored, like to see new stuff once in a while, keeps people interested. Also my daddy buys more fruit for us, since he now has to walk past it to get to the beer, I guess the new layout makes people see and buy new things as well.

I dont know why people are not friends with walmart anymore, how did they do it the first time they walked in? Did they have a map of walmart? did they dream the layout and find everything right away? Who knows, but now the new layout is too hard for them. If you cant find the cat food or the toothpaste... how do you find your car in the parking lot? How do you get to the walmart in the first place? If you are like grampa, can barely wype himself, then go to K-mart with your store map.


I am very sorry to Denise, and the dude or dudette who wrote this complaint. You see Wal-mart hired me to design the store, whithout checking my hisotry.

If they did they would never have hired me, as I have had problems not only with, *** LSD, cocaine, but alochil as well. I put it off making the new plans, then I realised that I had to come up with the plan by the next day, so I made them real quick after drinking a fifth of vodka and using *** since that combinatin usually calms me down. They have a ten year contract so you will be stuck with this new layout for ten years, get used to it, or go elsewhere, I don't care since they already paid me the millions for the new layout.

I did increase the cough syrup to three fourths of the store. You know the cough syrups you use to get high pretending you have a "cough" cough.


"The guy who designed walmart's new layout must have been on drugs - its looks like K-Mart in the 1960s"

Well the 1960's were when drug usage was at its highest so maybe the Kmart designer from the 60's was on drugs as well.


I WAS a regular Walmart customer, not any more. I will shop at Kroger from now on.

Who ever came up with the idea to fix something that wasn`t broken needs to be fired. Walmart was a great store to find anything you wanted----now I can`t find anything!!

It looks like they`re trying to look like Target, and the Target stores, at least on the south side of Houston, are empty. Somebody needs to tell these jerks, IF IT`S NOT BROKEN, DON`T FIX IT!!!