Bandon, Oregon

I went to just exchange a pair of pants for a smaller size.and was met buy a women with a pricing gun,and four people ahead of me, she was trying to find out the price of every item everyone was returning..I stood in lin for about 15 min. when It came my turn I had to wait while she found the code and the price of the pants I just wanted to exchange and then I was told I had to go stand in another long line and wait for them to do the exact same thing, I asked why?

that it seemed redickulas to stand for 15 min,in one line then have to wait for the exact same thing,she informed me its to cut down onnpeople steeling items and to keep prices down.Isaid what ever happened to customer service..It is just terrible to have to wait 30 min.

to exchange a pair of pants.I said what the heck you going to do during the holidays, she replyed, oh we wont do it when there is that many returns, now that sounds like when peaple that steel, would be more inclind to steel any way I would like it known how unhappy i was I shop alot at wal-mart but I think that this policy is ridiculous.

thanks for listening karen

Monetary Loss: $15.

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I was trying to return my wifes *** to Walmart as it was wore out they said we would gladly give me the amount paid on a gift card but I didn't want that I wanted to exchange for a new *** but they said that they had no more left as they all went to work for Brighthouse


Actually they spelled "spelling" right, it is "spelled" that they misspelled.


Hey spelling:

You spelled "speleld" wrong. It should be "spelled". Good job at failing.


It's speleld steal not steel, even a third grader knows this.


I understand how you feel. I was five once myself, five year olds usually have trouble waiting in line.


my father was fired from wal mart because he started there he was not required to use the price gun now after a year they have made them start using it he was fired because he had early stage of altz. and couldnt remember how to use the price gun on a daily basis. i think that is bull


You didn't have to be rude to the lady with a pricing gun. She is just doing as she's told...

Just like you would do if you had a job. Our home office just wants to know if people are actually bringing stuff in and not just taking stuff off of the shelves. Don't blame her, you don't have to. Seriously, just because someone is doing their job doesn't mean you have to try to challenge them.

If you had a job, I don't think you would like it if someone was being rude to you just because. I know you wouldn't agree with me but it's not good at all to let the little things get to you...

Just be happy. :)


Walmart Return Policy on Medical Supply at Kingtown, Alexandria. VA.

We bought a nebulizer machine (~$75) and we could not use the machine because it would not fit to the tube and the air mask that our pediatrian gave to us.

My wife went back to return the machine but the Pharmacy Manager said we cannot return medical supply and told that we have to go elsewhere to get the proper tube and air mask to work with Walmart Nebulizer. This is very inconvenient for her to go to another store to get additional parts. Obviously, my wife is very frustrated. We could not find anywhere in Walmart store under the return policy that specificly stated that customer cannot return medical supply product.

If Walmart doesn't take back on medical supply product than at least put it in their return policy which is posted in their store. We will not shop at this store again.

Thanks for listening. Tom