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I bought 2 front tires from Walmart and only drove on them 2 weeks!! I drove to Reno, NV from Herlong, CA which is roughly an hour away from each other.

I got home, parked it in the garage for two days. When I came out to go to the local store, the passenger side was flat and the driver's side was going flat. My sensors were going off and that's not a hood thing. I had to put on my spare, drive to Les Schwab in Susanville because it's closer than the Walmart in Reno, and get a used tire for the passenger side because the bead was broken on both tires which caused the leaks that could've put me and my car in a ditch if I had driven it anywhere significant!

Luckily, Les Schwab fixed the driver side before there was more damage but it was done. Walmart tire center in Reno said they were sorry but no response on my warranty. And it was ALL THEY'RE FAULT!

What did I learn? To buy my next set of tires from Les Schwab and NOT WALMART!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Tire Installation.

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If You read reviewd here you'd know not to buy tires from Wallmart