Gainesville, Florida
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I have gotten either wings or nuggets about twice a week from walmart for a long time.

In the past two weeks they have changed the supplier of the wings and nuggets. Now, both of them have a layer of FAT in with the breading or on top of the wing. It almost feels spongy when you *** into them.

I have thrown away full orders of hot wings, General Tso's nuggets and some Caribbean style wings that were so nasty I couldn't eat them.

That means no more chicken products from the Walmart deli for me until they get an edible product again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Chicken.

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Ouch. You scare me, turd burglar.

I'm not unemployed. I work nights.



I am almost sorry I posted here. I work in the optics department and it is much easier to go to the deli for lunch as apposed to starting up my gas guzzler to drive to a restraunt.

Further the optics department gives me a lousy 30 minute lunch break and have people so stacked up I have to work late everyday. Now I was only stating what I had observed about the poor quality of food they are passing off now. I am not obese nor lazy as someone implied here. Furthermore I at least have a good job and am not spending my time making nasty comments.

You are likely the lazy unemployed sot. Beware of walmart deli is what I am saying. And I am also a well know *** in my neighborhood.

Bring it now boys! I'll scratch your eyes out then charge you to fix them!


How about making a homemade dinner instead of consuming garbage, you tub of lard?


You are Everything that is wrong with America.

Obesity and ignorance.

Eat real food that you pay a decent price for. Not bottom feeding products and then complain about them.



alright, then just buy something else to eat. maybe they weren't able to sell much of the old stuff, maybe to just you.