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Walmart in Buffalo, New York - Bad Service,Dirty Store,Not stocked,impolite

The store is dirty inside and out. The people who work there are not helpful, stand and talk to each other and ignore customers. Check out lines overly long not enough checkers. Store not stocked, empty shelves everywhere, can't find what you would like to buy or need. Poorly managed. No one in Carlsbad, NM is happy with this Wal- Mart in fact quiet a few will drive 38 miles to the next town to use their Wal-Mart. We try to do our business in our home town but it's hard with such poor service. Thank You Mrs. Bobbi Nance
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Sorry you had such an bad experience in your walmart store. All you need to do is call 1-800-walmart.

Let them know. They will correct all the problems in your store.

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Walmart in New York, New York - SMOKING SMOKING SMOKING

I have asthma and your employees are always smoking in front of your once beautiful store.You shoul make your employees smoke at the back or side of the store,NOT where customers can be greeted by BIG whiffs of SMOKE right as you go in the front door.How disgusting!!!It gets in your face your lungs on your clothes.It also makes your store look bad and makes me not want to go there.Why do you let them smoke in font of the store??Also,pick up the garbage in the parking lot,like the chicken bones and cany wrappers.Clean up your store!!!!!!
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Then dont go back. Younhave the right not to go.

They have the right to smoke.

Last time I looked this is america. Not a dictatorship


Even if they did tell the employees to smoke in the back, it won't stop customers. Seriously you will get people smoking everywhere you go.

If it bothers your Asthma that much stay at home, or bring your inhailer.

Wendy your brain must be fried, probably from some illegal drug, for a second there you admit you forgot how to spell shopping. Losing brain cells is not the reaction of inhailing smoke.

Perhaps you were shaken as a baby, or dropped on your head. If you had not lost brain cells you would know Trevor is just joking, probably does not even work at Wal-mar




go else where then cause i smoke and its a free world :cry


Why don't you hold your breath you bag of ***! People may smoke anywhere they choose outdoors. I'm relatively certain you inhaled much worse on your way to the doors of the store.


maybe if walmart gave employees a place to take a break out doors to smoke then we would'nt be in the front. Remember this is walmart and they really dont give a *** about the people that work there!


Smoke is good for you. Just as walmart is to society.


Since when did I say anything about smoking cigerettes, I was referring to pot. :D


Meant to say shopping, I guess cigarrette smoke really makes your brain to stop working, I'm sick and tired of having to inhale it when walking into a Walmart store but then again,what can we expect? The brains of these butheads are fried!


I used to love shooing at Walmart but lately the employees they hired seem very shady to me and yes I rather go to Target now, there are no Trevor type employees smoking there.


I would comment more but I feel like smoking outside my store. See you there. Do you have a light by the way.

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I purchase alot of item's from walmart, food, and etc.- Dosen't Walmart screen their employees, before hiring? i couldn't even ask the girl a ?, as all she did was slam my groveries around while *** at 2 other Walmart employees-It's *** that one has to...
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I cashier all the time at Wal-Mart and if you are rude for no reason at all then you should get fired. I do understand that is hard to be nice to a customer when they're making you nervous by being rude theirself but you still have to be nice and try to understand them.

Yes, we do need their money. If we don't get any customers in the store then guess what, we don't have money.

If you don't work in a department and you don't know about it, then it's kind of hard to help someone when they ask about it.... Which is why you find the employee that works in that department to help that customer in a more positive way. But if a customer is just asking where something is at then it's not that difficult to help them. But by all means, you should not ignore that customer.

But that doesn't mean that the customer should be rude for no reason at all. Not all of us are ignorant and rude. Maybe someone should go to where you (Truth) work and start making false judgments on every employee that works in your area?

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Walmart in Syracuse, New York - I AM SO FLIPIN MAD

I am so flipin MAD!!!! My computer... Not my laptop, but my computer keeps hiting on me!!! I am so mad!!!! It keeps sayin that it can do me right unlike my husband tony!!! How does it know Tony?! I dont even like it and GRRR I hate it sooo much. I wish it would just go die in a whole and stay there for the rest of that no good computer life it allready has. I have no clue what is going on... It keeps calling me a sexy *itch, and now I have to leave it off becuase Tony and I are getting furious at it.
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thats quite funny.... :grin


This has nothing to do with the above article, just venting. Thanks!!!


I would just like to state that I am a former wal mart employee. I was working there while putting myself through school.

I have to say some of the employees are nasty and bitter, but I truly believe it is because of the low life *** who come in to wal mart. They think because they are the customers, they can call us whatever they want and act how ever they want. I have news for those people. Doing things like that just makes you look like an *** and everyone sees that.

I don't know what you think you are accomplishing, but all you are projecting is that you are a total ***. I think people who complain about wal mart need to realize where they are at first off, and that THEY had the choice to walk into that store. I do not feel bad for any of the consumers that treat people like *** and think that is okay because wal mart says the customer is always right.

That is a load of bull *** and every customer who even so much as thinks of giving attitude to a nice employee or a person who can't help the situation or maybe even the fact that you are having a *** day (again, not wal mart employees problem) should be thrown out on their dirty scummy piece of *** *** and never be allowed back in. This is only to the people who treat others like ***-because they feel like it.

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