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Largest Walmart in US - Worst of ALL!

So. I travel for work. This takes me to multiple cities/states in the US each year. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of Walmart anyway. They are conveniently located, relatively easy to shop, and the kill the market on price. I consider them a necessary evil. Few have impressed me, the rest fall into the 'ok' category, with one exception: store #2152 in Albany, NY. It is the only one I've been to that is two stories tall; I'm told it's nearly 500k square feet and the largest in the US. Funny, you'd think being the largest, it would have the largest selection of product as well; not at all! The quality of the produce and meat leave a great deal to be desired; I even bought a bag of rotten, yes rotten with black and eyes and the whole bit, potatoes yesterday. A purchase, a heavy refrigerator, I ordered to pick up at the store, arrived yesterday. It took an insane amount of time to get the attention of anyone to get me even directed to the area of the store in which I needed to be. Verification of the item, obtaining the item, all took way too long. There was no one to help load it; after waiting nearly 1/2 hour I was told 'I don't know what to tell you, I keep call for someone, but no one is coming'. Really? I loaded the *** thing myself. The week before it took almost an hour of being bounced around to get a propane tank exchanged. Service at this store, with only a couple of exceptions is horrid, borderline and in some instances blatantly rude. The entire store is filthy and disorganized and no one that works there seems to know anything about anything. Unbelievable.
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So I checked out with a vacuum cleaner and a postal scale. I put my bags in the cart fuming on how theres 28 check out lanes an only 4are open As I walking out the door a handicap girl decided to play rent a cop with me! Asking to see my receipt. I said absolutely...
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Wow. First you call them retarded, and that they deserve it.

Then you change your tune and refer to them more politically correct as "mentally challenged". Do you even have a backbone?

It's these peoples job to occasional ask to see the receipt under certain circumstances. Its' annoying, yes. A persons physical or mental condition is NOT the issue.

And why wouldn't you comply with there request?

Is it because they look or act different!!! How sad. You must be a very proud person to not allow contact with other people who do not meet your qualifications for being what you consider a proper human being.

How do you relate to others that are different. What are your values?

It's sad that you can't list compassion as one of them.


How did the lawyer thing pan out?

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Walmart Deal ripping people off!

i buy stuff at all the time. well the other day i wanted to buy some kashi cereal in bulk. i wanted to honey puffed wheat, this product is really hard to get. anyways.... they are offering 12 boxes @ $75.48 which works out to be $6.29 a box. how crazy is that?, when you can get it @ the actual walmart store for around $4.00 a box. isn't the purpose of buying in bulk to save a few bucks? so anyways i called to inquire about why the online pricing was so high? the rep on the phone said i was looking at a different product, which i was not. i also went on and saw that for the same exact cereal in the same size was sold for $4.29 a box. so why is selling it @ $6.29 a box? if i was a dumb *** and couldn't do math i would have purchased this product thinking i got a deal. beware of people. you may think you're getting a deal, but you're really getting the shaft. now wonder they aren't wanted in nyc......
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Bigger packages cost more. You were comparing items of different size.

If you want 12 of the smaller packages, then go to the store and buy them. OMG


They more due to the cost of shipping. But since you *** lack common sense I can see why you didn't know that. Amen Tasha!


I've noticed the same thing with regular everyday products on and samsclub. It's cheaper to just buy it singly or in store but I presume they mark up the price because most people automatically think they're getting a great deal because it's in bulk.

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