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After my first review of Nexicores *** poor service under contract repairs they have done it again. During the first repair their tech (I'm using the term "Tech" loosely) after installing the new power supply and just before putting the cover back on reaches into my computer and manually stops my processor fan and comments "I don't like the speed of your fan" well after stopping my fan manually it won't restart.

It appeared to be working fine before he stopped it with his finger (and held it for about 5 or 6 seconds).. He then had to restart it again with his finger by spinning the fan blade. His comment was "keep a eye on it" and threw the cover back on and left. Long story short, now it's not working properly so I've had to contact the warranty co.

again to have them send a replacement fan assembly to Nexicore and try to schedule another service call. Nexicore called me over a week ago and told me the had received the service request and they should have the part in max. 2 days, and the tech. would call me directly to set up the install.

Again, that was well over a week ago and still no phone call. When I contacted WalMart about this I ask them if they could send me the fan and I would put it in myself (4 screws & a plug).. WalMarts service dept told me that what I asked wasn't allowed and assured me that they would get the service done quickly especially after Nexicore first service screw-up. Thank God I'm not holding my breath because I'd be BLUE and dead by now!!!

I stand by my first review of Nexicor!! For a so-called service company, they don't know the meaning of the term "SERVICE"....

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Having read the initial post and comments, I'm sure glad Vic has never touched any of my computers!! I've been working on and repairing computers for over 26 years, and rascal is correct, on two points 1.

four screws and a plug...2.Vic is a ***! Oh yea, there is a third point: Under Warranty= call for service!!


Vic, When you buy, we'll say a "car" for example, and it has, we'll say a "warranty", for example...follow me so far?? Are You so *** (in your case) that you'll try to fix it yourself??

Most people with a I Q OVER 20 would probably consider taking the car to a dealer, not you!! FYI you *** the fan over the processor only has 4 screws and a plug.

I'm guessing that's 3 screws more than you have. ***!


Also, if you think replacing fan takes just 4 screws and a plug, you should also know the fans are a few bucks. Next time why don't you fix everything yourself. Its just so "easy"


I have been in computer repairs for over 10 years. Stopping fan for 5 seconds does not brake it. Tech did a favor to you.

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