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It's not bad enough, the "***" we both were subjected to by WALMART'S incompetent pharmacist dispensing the incorrect insulin. Most of all, the pure “***” our 13 yr. old Yellow Lab suffered due to this so-called professional's neglect.

Now to see an individual posing (probably from WALMART) as someone connected to our "Horrific loss" and someone in the family no less trying to discredit the truth from us, is absolutely "appalling". To think an individual would lower themselves to this type of untruthful statement and demeanor.

With these lies and fraud, Walmart’s Resolution Department ended up doing close to the same thing as this individual’s posting. It does not surprise either one of us to see this kind of attack to discredit the truth. Sorry, the truth is the truth.

We can assure the readers of one thing and that is this individual has no connection to us or the incident that WALMART was responsible for. It would be fitting having someone from WALMART certainly try and do whatever they can to keep the truth from being exposed.

Ms. Writer, Kharma exists and you should be very cautious when writing such lies just to try and cover up the truth. We gave WALMART every attempt (to no avail) to do the correct thing and only found such "Horrific' neglect even further from management. Promises made, never kept or dealt with regarding the Death of our Baby Girl. This will not go away until dealt with by these corporate killer’s.

Well, with that said, may this writer of this post someday feel the pain Walmart caused us and a completely innocent dog that was dependent on others doing their so-called professional job, NOT!

The more individuals that read about this incident, the more aware they can familiarize themselves of the type of individuals at Walmart and whom they are dealing with.

In closing:

Caveat emptor, Latin for "Let the buyer beware".

P.S. We believe this individual meant to write "cremation" and not "crimination", however that is par for the individual.

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I read the original complaint... have you made an attempt to report your experience with Walmart to the Better Business Bureau?

Also, I don't know if it would help, but there is a website called WalmartWatch... you could try contacting them as well.

They often deal with these sort of issues (spreading the word, and providing the correct contacts). I am sorry to have learned of your loss; I do hope you find some sort of resolution.


Who injected it in the dog? The pharmacist?

I'm so sorry about your doggy though.

My dog has diabetes and I was given wrong insulin so I took it back. They didn't want to take it, but I told them they sold me the wrong one.


Since they already knew the insulin was wrong I wonder if they purposely killed the dog to get money from them or something, either way this persons story does not add up if you read the original complaint.


I think this is a lie to discredit the original poster who was trying to make a confession, notice how they did not sign in and posted as anonymous? Either way if this is true I hope this gets sorted out.

However I find this hard to believe considering Wallmart has no vet pharmacist. Looks like they are just attempting to have someone pay their medical bills.


So what, just sell it's carcus to a Chinese restaurant or something and when you eat their chicken wonton you may have a feeling that you are close to him., gheese, if the dog was 13 in dog years it was 91 in dog years, you are obviously going through a grieving stage where you need to blame someone for your loss. That is one of the five steps of grieving.

First Born Triplet

You are being trolled ignore it, I doubt the person who posted that works at WALMART. There is a troll on this site who has a habit of posting under people's reviews for every company, they usually make claims that they abused their child, or beat their wives.

They just pick random reviews, I don't think it is an employee, but someone who trolls on this site often.

Someone who is 16 years old. Okay I will tell his name Kevin Richards.

@First Born Triplet

Well if this is true than this person is lying about a Walmart employee making the post, looks like this was posted by some disgruntled employee trying to make the company look bad. If what you are saying is true that it is a troll rather than a Walmart employee, then this person claiming it was one of their employees is lying, if they are lying about that then what else are they lying about, the dog dying under their care, makes you wonder doesn't it.

They have no proof of whether an employee or a troll posted this yet they claimed it was an employee without proof, this makes me question as to how the dog really died and if they are just trying to get someone else to pay the expenses.

If they are going to claim the employee posted this then how are we to believe they are telling the truth about the dog. Just a point to ponder.