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Joe working the express at the Watertown Walmart was more than rude. When I firstput my couple items on the belt he started making ulgy nasty horrifying facial jesturs.

Followed very quickly by comments like really, express lane, unnessary shopping, and other things mubbled that I couldn't understand. He rang my items up and slammed them in the bags busting one bag with a sack of rice and didn't want to double bag the busted bag. All I could do was laugh, I was trying not to say anything back to him because I was taught to respect my elders and he is pushing a good 65. So he then told me my total and I had a gift card to pay.

I simply said let me get this card out of my wallet and he started back up with his coments, " I should have know" probly thinking I was using an ebt card like that would have made any diffrence. Iam very disappointed with the customer serivce I had to deal with. Someone needs to deal with this.

I am more than disappointed being a paying customer all I expect is customer service. And was more than let down!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Cons: Customer service from cashier bad.

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To the people below: STOP FEEDING THE TROLLS!


Most likely he thought you were using an EBT card because of your crabby behavior?


Did it ever occur to you that this cashier might have a health issue or disability that causes the things you described. Until you have walked a mile in his shoes don't be so judgmental.

As far as that goes the night before Thanksgiving doesn't really have anything to do with your complaint. Furthermore there is a word spelled "jesturs," it should be "gestures." There is such a thing as "jesters," but not "jesturs," when spelled properly they are a certain type of entertainer.

I am very disappointed with your judgmental attitude and not knowing what you are talking about with your spelling.


Perhaps they have a disability with their spelling, however since they have on consideration about the cashier's health issues which could lead to the facial gestures I have no sympathy for this retard and their terrible spelling.