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I had a rough experience with Wal-mart. First and foremost, apparently and your typical Walmart retail location are two separate and completely non-binding entities.

I saw an ad on that stated you could get a Nintendo 3DS XL, a choice of game, and an accessory kit/case for $159.00. I called ahead and was told that as long as the online ad did NOT say "online offer only" and it was listed as "in stock" that they could honor the offer. Skip ahead 30 minutes and a completely wasted trip to the closest wal-mart and enter 4 grossly incompetent Wal-mart employees and one slightly more intelligent but complete stick in the mud of a "manager." After having 4 separate employees bounce me to the next in line *** they call coworkers, I received a bevy of reasons why they couldn't assist me "I'm sorry I'm new" "I have to go clock out" "I'll have to ask my manager but she said she doesn't think she can do it." Finally the manager comes, and in a completely uninterested and unaccommodating manner informs me that she could not honor the online offer because and the store I visited were two different companies and her store could not match the price because doesn't have to pay employees and her store does. How the country's biggest retailer can't afford to honor their online site is beyond me, and just absolutely unacceptable in my opinion.

If the store is unable to honor a price you would think the management would do all they could to reassure and assist their guests, in this case it was not even close.

In summation, if other retail locations use employee wage overhead as an excuse to not stay consistent with their advertising, I would hope they would care about the competence level of said employees. For the Cartersville store, wages are being wasted on *** people; rant over and I will never be stepping foot in that store again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $159.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Service.

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Even if the ad didn't say online only you should read the entire price match policy.

We do not honor: Bundle offers, Instant Rebates, Mail-in Offers, Offers that include financing


Why would you go to the store to ask an employee if they would honor the price if you already read that it was sold online only? You called the store and they told you that as long as it was in stock online and the ad "did not" state that it was online only then they would match it?

Yet you still go to the store to ask them to honor it and you call them incompetent and unintelligent??? Lol! The employees were probably just trying to ditch you because I'm sure you walked in there feeling entitled and ranted and raved because they wouldn't make an exception just for you. I'm also sure that you made some kind of snide remark to the manager and that is why she made the statement that she did.

If in fact that's what she said.

You sound like one of "those" customers that think that because Walmart is a billion dollar company that means they should just hand customers whatever they want because "they can afford it." Order the game system online. How hard is that really????


One more thing I should ad, the ad online does say online only. You really must be a kid if you cannot read that. Ask mommy or daddy to read the ad for you.


I know how to read, and I am aware the ad says "online offer only". The issue is all six idiots, including the *** on the phone, the four associates who tried to help me and as well as the manager are grossly incompetent.

They think that walmart and are two different companies, if you read my first comment that was my first statment, that they are NOT different companies. This is not the only issue here, the issue is also customers that drive in the parking lot. A woman with her stroller almost hit my car. I told her how would she like it if I rammed the car into her baby.

She was about to dial 911 on me when she was in the wrong. I let it slide since *** should not be driving anyway and she is a ***, where was her husband, surely if they just had a baby they were newly married and he would want to do everything with her. I bet that *** does not even know who the father of her baby is.

She should have to get an abortion. Bet she gets WIC for that child that should have been aborted in the first place.


don't reply to k richards. he's attacking you and all others. just some good advice from someone who knows.


I would be more concerned about why they did not call the police for what is obviously an unsupervised child shopping alone. Surely you are a child.

If you were an adult you would know that someone who is new on the job would not know everything about a store that sells 100000 plus items. If you were old enough to work you would know that people are entitled to breaks and are assigned to breaks at certaiN times. An adult already knows and the walmart stores are different things. Only a child like yourself would ASSume that they are right and everyone else is wrong.

I hope this comment does not make you go crying to your parents, but it is YOU who is grossly incompetent. If you actually are an adult I doubt you will be missed. Business, not just walmart but every other one as well, generally don't want adult customers who throw temper tantrum like three year old brats when they don't get their way and when they are misinformed. They don't want someone who thinks they are right and everyone else is wrong.

Please do not have children.

Stay single. Well you can get married but please do not add more of your genes to the world.