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I bout an HP computer from Wal-Mart online and got the extended warranty in September of 2012. in Jan of 2014 I started getting the no boot disk error and the blue screen of death.

I sent the product in and it was returned. Turn the computer on and get the no boot disk error. I called their customer service they again sent me another box to ship the product back to them. The computer is returned and again turn computer on it works for maybe a day and then get the error no boot disk error.

I have sent the computer in five times. I have been told by the representative that when you are getting the same error three times that their policy is to reimburse the customer. This has been told to me several times and yet each time I don't even get a phone call, I just get the product back and it does not work. I just got the computer back for the 5th time the other day.

The receipt that came back with that tells you what the issue is said customer error, interestingly enough I just turned the computer on the last time. I guess I was not aware that turning it on could be customer error. Apparently Asurion knows a better way to get the device to come on with out hitting the power button. This last time which would be the 5th time of me sending it in and the 6th time them returning it (with out even a phone call, which the last customer service rep said someone would do this time) I turned on the computer and it worked, thought this time they fixed it.

I downloaded MacAfee (even had a MacAfee rep help me so that I did not do anything to mess it up) got all done with that, hit restart on my computer and low and behold REBOOT DISK ERROR AGAIN!!! I am sure I will call them and they will send another giant box to my home, I will send it back no one will call. What is frustrating is I bought the extended warranty hoping that they will fix the product if something happens, that is apparently not how this works. I don't think they are aware that at this point it has probably cost as much on shipping if they would of just reimbursed me.

I have always been pleasant to the reps on the phone. I think that when you purchase an extended warranty they should do what they say they are going to do. I have been without a home computer now since January of 2015 its now June of 2015.

My warranty expires in September of 2016. I am not sure if they are trying to wait until the warranty runs out so they can say 'nothing we can do, but it's just not right to be at the mercy of some company that will not hold up their end of the deal.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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Funny how this same review is posted twice with different dates.


I am not sure how there would be the same review with different dates. I did hit the back button when I did this the first time this morning and everything I had written the first time was gone.

Maybe that is what was posted.

I just thought I needed to redo it. Still doesn't change the problems I am having trying to get my computer fixed.