Coleman, Alberta

It is common, in fact policy to make sure as little cashiers as possible is working at the tills. Usually i got a about 400$ worth of stuff, lots of meat etc.

When i see this lack of service, i just leave the cart and walk out. It's time Walmart started paying customers for their wait. Walmart is very overpriced junk store as it is. So i text my buddy who is working there, ask him where are all the cashiers?

He says. "right here chain-smoking outback as usual." I had to point this out to the "manager" type that sits at those podiums viewing the checkouts, without me telling her to put some cashiers on i was going to walk out again.

This is how un-attentive and uninterested management is in general, as it applies to any and all Walmarts canada stores i have ever visited. But in recent years i go there 80% less, better to go elsewhere.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Oh cmon! I'm sure the policy is to make people.. You are also full of s.hit saying you buy $409 worth of meat....


They are entitled to breaks just like anybody else. Who are you to tell anybody their job?

Who cares if you leave your cart?

Do you think the threat of that entitles you to demand people to rush off their break time to attend to you??? Get over yourself.