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The Marshall, Missouri Wal-Mart is the worst run business I have ever been in. I was walking by 4 managers in a semi circle trying to figure out how to fill a shelf(3pm on 12/13/2010 near health & beauty) while in the distance I could see trouble brewing...there were about 6 checkouts with lines all the way back to the clothing and Jewelry sections.

The managers were completely oblivious to this fact. 8 checkouts were not open and two of the four self checkouts were not open. I was in high dudgeon! I wonder how much per hour walmart pays their managers to sit there and try to figure out how to fill a shelf as opposed to 6 clerks.

This is everyday. everyday at store no.0363. They are completely out of stock of products for weeks. Their battery center has been bare for at least a month.

They have more people sweeping the floors than they do checking people out. I don't know how many times I've left my purchase on the floor and left this store. There are also many unmarked items. Why would anybody want to buy something without knowing the price????

Forget about store who don't have enough checkers at night!

?This one dosen't have enough checkers anytime day or night, weekday or weekend. I have been to plenty of other wal-marts who arent like this (Sedalia, blue springs, Boonville, etc.) This is absolutely the worst ever!!!

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I hate Marshall Walmart to the guy up front I told him my items was separate he ignored me tried charge me 389 dollars for my items it was only 135 he said it was tax had get manger he fixed it


Get over it! *** cry baby, take your *** to target or somewhere else.


the employees at walmart don't care how long you wait in line.

and if you don't want people to express their opinion on what you say, then don't post a complaint on a website where people can comment on it.


It is the only place I was not banned from because I was shoplifting. NOt that it is your business.


If you have that many problems with the store, don't go there. It's really as simple as that.


This is just the response I would get from someone who has to do a job. A freeloader yeah. That is why my wife works two jobs.


Why don't you just shut up Marksmitharia. I did not ask for your opinion so shut the *** up.

I don't need a job my parents give money to me and my wife every month and my wife has two jobs so I can just sit back and relax. Bet you are jealous.


So just quit going there!!!Period!!!!

Are you looking for a job there???