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I went to buy chocolates today for Valentines Day because they would be 50 percent off. I wanted to buy one for my wife and one for my girlfriend.(The one whom I see when I tell my wife my boss called me in to do extra work).

Both like the same brand of Chocolate. I saw that there was none on the shelf. I asked an employee if they would be getting more in. They said no since it is a Valentines Day chocolate they just have what is on the shelf.

She then found one for me that was out of place. One, I needed two. I guess this means that either my wife or girlfriend is angry at me because I forgot about them. I guess I only get to score once this weekend.


Now before you go around telling me that I should have bought them before hand and paid full price, frankly none of them are worth paying full price over, and if they get angry that I did not pay full price for their chocolates well I guess I will be buying them a vibrator so that they can go *** themselves.

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except they don't go on clearance until the day after the holiday. ***. Learn to keep your junk in your pants.


Well one of them is going to have to use a vibrator since you did not get to score. Keep it up. This complaint is fake but this is the type of complaints we need.


I'm sure your wife and mistress are happy to be with such as cheap ***