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Recently I and my husband was shopping at Walmart Burnaby, B.C. Canada & my husband fall in love with this chocolates from "Waterbridge" Belgian Milk chocolates.

We than went to another Walmart at Vancouver & found this chocolates again. Why Walmart in Houston, Texas don't sell this brand chocolates?? Walmart here will make me & my husband very happy as this are the best chocolates we both ever ate from Walmart. We will really appreciate if Walmart here will get this products here & also get more Diabetic stuffs.

We really love to shop at Walmart & always happy customers of Walmart.

Thank U for taking your time to read this Special request from me! Cheers & Happy Sunday!

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First Born Triplet

It is a Canadian brand that is why it is only sold in BC and Alberta and every where else in Canada. That is also why it is not sold in Texas.

However if you come across to Canada again you can come get them. During Christmas they also sell Chocolate letters but they sell every letter but X, Y and Z. They also sell mini chocolate letters or used to. Big enough to fit in the middle of a cupcake(about one and half inches).

But the reason they do not sell them in US is it is a Canadian Brand so writing this review may not help, but with online buying you can probably see if you can order them. It would cost more with shipping and all that so the best thing until they get it in US Walmarts is to buy it whenever you visit Canada.


Asking WalMart to stock a particular product is an exercise in futility. They could care less what you think.

They buy in bulk and set the prices. The manufacturer/supplier either complies or their product does not go into a WalMart.

In any case, go online and do a search for the brand of chocolates, etc. and see if you can locate them in either another store chain or online at some place like Amazon.com.


Must be a coincidence that I have ordered particular items that we don't usually carry for customers and received it in for them.

First Born Triplet

Oh the user you are quoting is just angry because Walmart fired him for what he thinks was borrowing a pen.


WalMart isn't going to see your request on this site, you have to go directly to their site.