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My mom and I have been customers of walmart since I can remember. Today I visited walmart in Greenville, Ms and bought a pre-paid calling at&t calling card on register 18.

I decided to put the money on my phone before I left the store but upon doing so discovered no money was on my card. I immediately went to customer service and reported it. I was told there was nothing they could do, and I would have to call the 1-800 number on the card. This was all the money I had left and now they're telling me it's nothing they can do about it, but I'm standing here haven't left the store yet, but it's nothing they can do to assist me.

I spend 1,000 in foodstamps at this store every month but it's nothing they can do to help me. Now I have no money on my phone. I am so disappointed and I will never again shop at walmart. My mom is such a good customer that all the employees know her by name (Ms Pat).

She will no longer be shopping there either.

Customer Service means just that. What the *** are these people there for if they're not going to be of any assistant to the customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Prepaid Card.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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$1000 a month in foodstamps? No wonder people shopping at Walmart are so fat.


$1000 in foodstamps per month......WOW!! Now I know where all my tax money goes to in this town!!


$1,000 a month in food stamps really? wow more like the rest of your state supporting you and your mom are good customers to walmart.

and your first mistake was buying a prepaid phone especially at&t basically all prepaid deals are garbage and you pay just as much if not more than contract phones. maybe if you were not so busy burdening the state in supporting you and made better decisions in life you can afford a contract phone without paying a $1,000 dollar deposit.


This was not the first time I loaded a card before leaving the store. Part of the problem was how customer service handled it.

Their answer to me was "There's nothing we can do about that, call the 800 number". And I've been in customer service before so I know how it works. If I were in their shoes, I would have at least taken time to explain how their policy works involving pre-paid cards, or me personally, I would have taken 5 minutes and called the card myself instead of risking losing a long time customer and her mom. I had a friend who experienced the exact same thing that I did involving the card, and guess what, simply because she knew someone in customer service, they went in the back and discovered the real card was in the back and the wrong card was on display (their fault).

I called and their response to this was, "Ma'am I dont know who she could have talked to, another excuse. Customer service is just that, customer service and when you're not getting it, this constitutes a problem. A problem can get resolved by simply having the right attitude and taking time to explain. I got neither.

So there is nothing anyone can explain to me about that. I'm sure Kroger enjoyed my business this month though.


I am a former employee. It is not Walmart's fault that they couldn't do anything for you.

Any issue with a prepaid card must be dealt with by the company that provided the service on the card..That goes for ALL prepaid cards..Not just the one she purchased. I know you were upset. I felt after that happened to customers several times that WalMart should have a sign explaining this to customers BEFORE they purchase and at staff meetings I brought it up several times but got the " Well, we can't put up a sign for all possibilities or the store would be covered in signs".

I know thats not the answer you want. Its one of those little things a normal customer wouldn't know about unless they worked in a retail market..I am sorry for your situation.


Take a minute and think. It takes a little time for the information about the sale of the card to be transmitted to AT&T and for them to activate the card.

The cards hanging on the shelf don't work until they are paid for. You just tried to load the value of the card too soon after you purchased it.