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It's funny how they ask you to contact customer service before posting. The problem is, there is no F'n service.

Two registers open for hundreds of customers. Waited 40 minutes at a register, tried to use a gift card and it would not work. 10 minutes and a manager later, turns out cashier was inputting wrong info and they were looking at me like I was inconveniencing them. It happened a couple a days before and they made me feel bad so Just used another form of payment.

Not this time, after all that wait!

I bought a gift card for my boss and of course, it was not loaded correctly...did I really expect anything less. I called "customer service", what a joke.

I got hung up on 4 times, in store still waiting after an hour and of course they can't refund my money. I am done with Wal-Sucks, rather pay more than deal with this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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walmart is so inconsistant in the way it treats customers. They should be doing great with the TARGET issues and they do not seem to be benefiting at all. the MANAGEMENT is so terrible!