Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Sunday 7/13/14

Went to pick few things at walmart and tried to check out at jewelry.

No one was in line so I'm thinking here is easy way to leave the store.

A black lady was doing nothing who worked for walmart or riding the clock.

She was sitting on one of those low to the ground steps. It looked like she

was hiding. I ask can I please be checked out.

Her reply , no I can't check you out because you have produce. Miss I have only one thing you can't charge for , this is grapes. I also had strawberries and cantaloupe and a few other things that could of been checked out.

Then I asked her was this a black white thing was the reason she didn't want to check me out. Then all *** broke lose then. This black lady had her *** girl friend at the jewelry check out. This *** women when off on me calling me names and a lot of BS. She even was talking about she gets more then me and a bunch of ***. This black lady didn't want to check out a white person.

I asked for someone in management to come address this walmart no customer service. A women did come over and did check me out. But the black women and the *** women was over at the counter and still take *** about a walmart customer.

The walmart owners are wondering why they can't grow their Billion Dollar Enterprise. Well owners the above reason among other things is why.

My order only come to $25.00 dollars. I use to spend at least $2000 a month in

walmart. Never ever again.

I promise my money will be spent at other stores from now own.

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You complain about people playing race card when you did the same thing. You accused her of being racist simply because she couldn't check you out.

Then later you stated that you knew why she couldn't but you still made this review. There is no point of this review. You are the one that played the race card here.

Not every black person plays the race card. Most likely there wasn't a scale at the cash register back there.


They can't weigh grapes in jewelry. It's not a black/ white thing, it's an *** thing- you.


Yeah I know that, guess people don't see the point of this review. This review was to show black people how foolish it was when they play the race card for having to follow the same rules as everyone else. After seeing a black mama play the race card when they made her follow the same rules as everyone else for returning a product I thought I would show blacks just how ridiculous they were being.


Let me get this right, you went to the jewelry counter, produce and all, hoping to bypass the other customers who were waiting in line. You then asked the employee at the jewelry counter to ring up your merchandise.

When that employee told you that she did not have the ability to ring up produce at the jewelry counter you asked her if she was refusing to help you simply because you are white. Nice.

First, you do realize that without the capability to scan your produce you would have had to wait in line even if the employee agreed to ring up your other items, right? Or maybe you thought you should be given the produce as a complimentary gift for daring to grace the aisles of Walmart with people who you obviously believe are your inferiors.

Why would you think that you should be given special treatment while everyone else is stuck in line?

Those people have lives to live too!

You seem to have some warped notion of your own superiority coupled with a sense of entitlement.

Also, did it ever occur to you that the employee was on break? Or, maybe management doesn't allow employees working the jewelry counter to ring up general merchandise if the customer is not purchasing jewelry.

If that employee rang up your merchandise other customers would follow suit and the jewelry counter would be unable to help the customers actually looking for jewelry.

Would you like it if you were trying to see a piece of jewelry but had to wait because the employee working in jewelry was busy ringing up customers who should be standing in line like everyone else? Your complaint is bogus.

You shouldn't get special treament. Get over yourself...


Lol, when I wrote this review I thought people would understand that I was trying to make a point about how blacks easily cry racism, only I was showing it as myself a white person being "discriminated" against. I wanted black people to see exactly how ridiculous it is to play the race card.

I thought of this idea after a black mama played the race card because she had to follow the same rules of making a return as the rest of us(90 days, with receipt).

She played the race card at this same store. I thought people would see the point of this review, guess not.


Weighable produce cannot be checked out in jewelry. They do not have a scale.

And stop screaming racism. It just makes you sound ignorant.


I know, I am just sick of black people complaining about racism for something as silly as this so I am just showing them how foolish they are by posting this review. I thought most people would see the real point of the review.

The other day I was in this store and a young black mama could not return an item because she did not have a receipt, or it was past the 90 days, I forget, the point is she played the race card. (though the same rule applies for everyone).

Anyways I thought that this was to prove how foolish blacks are for playing the race card when I wrote this review and that people would get the point. Guess I am wrong.