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I love shopping at my local Walmart in Ammon, ID. But the manager there refuses to stock African American/ ethnic beauty and hair care products. He ignores me every time I come in. I see plenty of ethnic people shopping in this Walmart regularly. I'm so disappointed in this Walmart as their commercials always show they care about all of their customers regardless of race. Im asking for support from anyone who cares. It is appreciated. Thanks!

Please let Jason know how important it is to carry ethnic products too. We don't just work there, we are also customers.

Store manager: Jason Neville 208-522-0204

Store# 1902


Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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This has nothing to do with race. Some types of hair (curly, ethnic, damaged, fine, colored, etc...) need products specifically designed for them.

Asking for them is completely normal.

Also, to the OP, I suggest you try ricky's website. They sell products for all hair types (including salon-only brands)


In the real world there should be NO "ethnic" products! Get over it and stop being black and start being human!


Racist ***...Affirmative Action and other programs were put into place BECAUSE of the way minorities were treated. If the conditions didn't exist in the first place, then they would not be needed.U get over your own redneck ***--racism does and always will exist and your trailer-park *** is proof. Just for the record, I hate you all's cracker *** just as much as you hate mine.


Have you tired writeing to corporate? It might be out of his hands, on what he can, and cannt have in the store.


She is just mad because she cannot steal them


oh great, here we go. you're mad at Walmart for not carrying products especially made for blacks..?


you can't use the shampoo/condition we use? you all have the same black hair anyway.


Something is wrong w/ u guys. I understand that concern of the person who wrote this, Walmart should carry ethnic products (and hey, I'm not black by the way) but why not?

And people start things like partitions all the time so maybe that may have been a more appropriate approach then providing their name and # but no harm done. It isn't there personal # and just a first name so again why not? Secondly racism still exists. It may not be as prevalent as before but before wasn't THAT many years ago either.

It was in my lifetime, in your lifetime, *** the person below is showing his racist *** But not everyone is racist but it doesn't hurt to mention it when it happens and not call it "a card." And I agree w/ someone else stating that the other people just accept it for what it is and didn't say anything. Not saying that's right or wrong either.


So go somewhere else to shop. Get over yourself.


Maybe this would be good thing if walmart started carrying more beauty products for black people. Result would be less ugly *** that look, smell and act like monkeys


WHEN WILL BLACKS QUIT BLAMING EVERYTHING ON RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow really lady!!! "thats how well get those n*$$%&s we wont sell that hair stuff this black lady wants that will teach em"

(racist redneck voice)its 2012 lady this country has done nothing but make life better for "ethnic" groups (college funds,affirmative action)there are none of these things for white americans instead of making things equal america has made it easier for you and still blame race!!!!get over tell me .is it fair for a man to get the job over a white man thats more qualified because he is anything other than white...???*** NO but thats is something done to end the *** race cards and still use them for anything including a white person because thats what we were born to do make your lives ***..pshhh wake the *** up..what gets me the most are the ethnic population that never got a glimpse of what segregation is but still use it as a crutch when it no longer exists..for this post i am a RACIST for stating obvious facts....


I am way far away from you, but understand the need for beauty products. I know this is beside the point, but could you order your items from and just have them delivered to your store?


Since they continue to not stock these products, apparently it doesn't bother the other "ethnic" people who shop there regularly.


Ahem, Simon, just an FYI, a simple search of Ammon, ID Walmart on Google will give you the same number she posted. Asking people to complain to the manager about something specific is the equivalent to the massive amounts of emails I receive daily asking me to sign petitions. I wouldn't say she has zero class.


Wow, you called out a manager by name and phone number on the internet because they don't have the precious beauty products you want. You have zero class.

And there is no cure for ugly, so don't blame Wal-Mart.