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I know that you have a 90 day return policy. But I bought some bed sheets six months ago and still had the receipt for it.

I did never opened them and have decided I do not like the pattern. So I went to return them and they told me since it was past the 90 days return policy that I would not be allowed to return them. You lost not only one customer but 32 other families as customers. I teach a second and third grade split class.

I have asked my students not to shop at Walmart for their school supplies. I have told them that when they buy school supplies they must provide me with a receipt as to where they bought the items. I have informed them that any used items will not be counted against them, but if they have unused items they are to ask their parents to return them to the store and shop elsewhere for school supplies. Staples and Target are close by.

I have told them that anyone who provides me with a Walmart receipt will receive a failing grade and have to stay in from recess because I won't be marking their homework and they will get a zero because I consider it undone. If they continue to have their parents shop at your store they will get a detention.

So your refusal to bend the rules just once to a loyal customer has cost you many customers. I have also told my teacher friends to do the same for their classes as well.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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Of course this is a troll complaint, no school would allow a nutcase to teach our children.


This is a troll complaint. None of this happened.


Better be glad I'm not one of the parents who's child you teach because you'd be reported to the board of education so fast


I hope all of you understand that Walmart is the biggest retailer in the world and if we bent the rules for one customer in turns into two then four etc etc. and being the biggest retailer in the world that would spread like a wild fire.

I am a Front End Zone Supervisor. I've done everything I can in my store from scheduling extra cashiers, se nding employees home if they cant be polite and smile, rewarding excellence in friendly, fast and clean. My stores front end has come from the bottom of the market to the top in iust 6 months. This kind of Management has spread like wild fire through out the district and most of our stores customer service scores have come up but throughout all of this we still havr policies to follow and this one that you won't find most managers bending on.

We are under a new CEO and he believes in the core values of how the business was built on. I hope with my leadership and the new CEO that this will be company wide so all of you can have a pleasurable experience shopping at Walmart but this policy will be followed by most.


I don't know what happened to Peter's comment, but I will rephrase it. Look Hitler, this is not Germany, you cannot dictate where the parents shop okay.


It's your choice to not shop at Walmart but you can't fail your students or give them detention because of where their parents shop! I hope you get reprimanded for your actions.


What kind of podunk town do you live in where the parents allow this to happen? I would shop at Walmart just to spite you.


this is the stupidest review I have ever read. They did not hide the return policy from you and all that was wrong with them was that you had buyers remorse over the pattern.

I am not the biggest Walmart fan myself but failing students over where they buy their school supplies is not only unethical but I'm pretty sure you can lose your job for it.

I hope one of the parents reports you. You are putting grades and futures of young students at risk over some immature vengeance kick about a policy dispute that you are on the wrong side of...


Don't forget that if the principal is supporting her because she sleeps with him he can be fired as well.


Wow seriously lady? So you knew the 90 day policy and it took you 6 months to decide you don't like the pattern anymore.

The problem here is they possibly don't carry that item anymore on the shelf. Or you was being rude to the employees. You can't tell people where to shop. You should be fired for discrimination.

Your being so childish and only teaching children to be judgemental. Just think about it is this really worth the stress over some bed sheets. If you want good customer service then be a good customer. Remeber the customers is never right.

Have a brilliant day. :)


It is absolutely none of your business where your students shop for school supplies. If my daughter had you for a teacher, she would be pulled out of your class immediately and put in another class. What gives you the right to tell the parents of your students where to shop?


wth is wrong with you just because Walmart wont bend policy for you doesnt mean you have to be like that and Walmart is a 4 billion dollar company the company doesn't need you. Also your *** your first sentence is messed up second your going to have formal complaints against you by the students parents when the principal hears about this from them your going to be in ***. Oh and i might add you can get a law suit or complaint against your teaching license your discriminating because some people can afford target and higher brands

@walmart cashier

According to her update she is having sexual relationships with the principal. But seriously that post was was not from her, someone else is updating pretending to be her.


What school allows their teachers to do this? You are the reason that education in this country has gone to ***.

Failing a student IN 2ND/3RD GRADE for buying school supplies from a store you don't like is insane. You knew the return policy and still managed to find something to *** about. In THREE MONTHS you couldn't find the time to go to a Walmart.

I'm well aware that returning the sheets may take time out of your day, but you obviously took the time to write this.


Wow I really hope my kid doesn't end up in a classroom run by a crazy dictator that thinks they have the authority to tell their students parents where they are allowed to show. Your first sentence completely discredited everything you said.

You know they have a 90 day return policy and you wanted to bring something back after 6 months and you got mad. Who needs more than 3 months to decide whether they want something or not? Clearly you think you are someone really special because one of the biggest companies in the world needs to change one of its most basic (and actually really easy to follow) rules that it has in all of its stores just to accommodate your desires.

If you actually read what you just wrote you should be embarrassed that you are such a petty person who feels that you are this entitled and have the right to fail students bases on where their parents buy markers at wow you are truly pathetic and I feel sorry for every student that has had to deal with being in your class. No wonder the world is turning into a *** hole, there's people like you educating Americas youth


Wow - pretty much sums up what's wrong with education/indoctrination these days. Should the police just ticket those who eat at Burger King next?

You have a complaint against Wal-Mart, but that doesn't give you the moral authority to turn the classroom into your own third world dictatorship.


"I have told them that anyone who provides me with a Walmart receipt will receive a failing grade and have to stay in from recess because I won't be marking their homework and they will get a zero because I consider it undone. If they continue to have their parents shop at your store they will get a detention."


Hey, ***, this is AMERICA and people can shop wherever they want to.

You are punishing children because YOU did not get the service you wanted--and you were NOT entitled to? You sound like a child yourself. You are not allowed to dictate where parents get the school supplies for their children! Maybe the parents find a better deal at Walmart and prefer to shop their.

Either way, it is none of your business where they get the supplies from, and demanding a receipt? What NERVE YOU HAVE!

The most ironic thing in your statement is this: " So your refusal to bend the rules just once to a loyal customer has cost you many customers.I have also told my teacher friends to do the same for their classes as well."

Walmart's refusal to "bend the rules"?--- at least THEIR rules are posted for all to see and present on the receipt. Your "rules" are just you telling people where to shop because of your own mistake and experience.

I sincerely hope that you are teaching at a school that does not provide tenure.

You are an example of the worst kind of person in a classroom, a bully. No one has to "listen to you" when it comes to the places they shop. As for your statement "I will even lie and tell CPS that their parents abuse them if they shop at Walmart." All I can say is wow-- you are the abusive one and lying to CPS and taking their service away from children that need it is a sign that you are mentally unstable. Do the world and yourself a favor, quit teaching, get some therapy and try another profession.

Or perhaps you should hang yourself with those sheets you bought? Put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger just like Hitler did because you are a modern-day version of him.


*prefer to shop there.


As nobody can be so ridiculously dumb of course this poster is a troll


I hope so, I really do.