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I had purchased a gallon of milk and by the time I got home the whole gallon had leaked into the carpet of my truck. There was a small crack in the plastic gallon.

I go to this Walmart almost everyday and purchase many products there. I had to come up with the receipt and now I also have the stinky carpet to show them. My truck has been in and out of the auto dealer at least 3 times due to this. It cost me over $1000 to get new carpet in my truck.

I have not gotten much cooperation from the manager at our local Walmart. I think she had forgotten the whole incident. I am still trying to get an answer from her on how they are proceeding. $1000 is a lot to me, but it is a drop in the bucket to Wal-Mart.

If I do not get some kind of monetary settlement from them I will not go to that store again.

They will have lost a very good customer. I will not give up on this and will continue to go further if need be.

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That really sucks, I don't know why everyone is so hostile.

The crack could have been at the top of the bottle and when he made a turn the bottle fell on its side and the milk leaked out.

When milk sets in for a period of time and sinks through the carpet you will smell a rotten milk smell every time you get in your car. Ugh.

Maybe you could get at the milk company.

Palo Alto, California, United States #255722

Surely had the milk been cracked prior to putting it in your track it would have:

A. Leaked all throughout the store and been replaced prior to purchase

b. Leaked as you traveled from store to car.

c. been on the shelf, half full sitting in a puddle or sour milk.

The reality is that it broke as a result of your loading or driving.

You are not a good customer, you are trying to extort $1000 out of s store for something your did. Just because wal-mart has money does not mean they should be liable for your negligence.

As a side note, milk comes out with a little steam.


You will not and should not get one penny from Wal-Mart and that is including the refund for the gallon of milk. How did you not notice a crack in the gallon while it was in your cart?

You were probably driving like a nut or you put it close to something that cracked it.

How exactly does milk ruin carpet? My baby has spilled milk on my floor several times.

It gets wiped up and shampooed out. Maybe I should see if Wal-Mart will recarpet my whole house.


Ur blamin Wal-Mart for this u ***? Next time lay it down gently in ur truck instead of throwin it in and bustin the container. ***.

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