Coshocton, Ohio
Not resolved

Visited your store in Coshocton Ohio. 23605 Airport Road.

When entering the store and went to get a cart and there were none in holding area. Asked the employee at the self check out, she said there were carts at other end of store. So I walk to other end of store and the same thing, no carts. This employee was very rude when I asked her again, her comment was they are working in it.

I and several other customers had to go out in the parking lot and get our own carts. Also the beverage isle where Tradewinds sweet tea is located was empty. And the bread isle had empty shelves. This kind of treatment is un-acceptable especially the rude treatment from your employee.

This visit occurred on 1-03-2016.

Time. 17:35:37

Reason of review: out of product..

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Poor poor service, Employee solution to problem, Very poor reaction.

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Some of these comments have not been made by me. It looks like they have been.

This site has been hacked and my comments are being mad by someone other then myself.

I am sorry if this has offended anyone. I do not know who to go to get these comments revoked.


Of course, when you realize that you were rude, you lie and claim you were hacked. Nice one, real mature.

Grow up. Admit you were rude instead of claiming you were hacked when you were pointed out for your rude behavior.


This might have been just a busy store and it also is probably right after food stamps come in a lot of people shop at the same time.


You make some valid points. I was just trying to let someone know of the issues. Thank You for your response.


Also you are also assuming. Why are people bullying me.

I was even bullied in the store. I was not rude to her. I was only rude to a customer who was staring at me. She called me rude as well.

I swore at her. You are mistaken. You are a coward picking on women online. I am just trying to let people know the issues, instead I get replies from two idiots.

I was not rude to her. She was rude to me, and she allowed a customer to be rude to me. The customer said that I was interrupting her, and I told her I just had a simple question. She then got rude and told me that I had to wait my turn.

I did not. I asked where the carts were and she told me they were working on it. I told her to stop standing around being a lazy *** and she said she was working on it. The customer said that she should call security on me because I was rude.

I was not, as stated to the other retard I was polite and cordial. It was not until she sided with the rude customer who told me not to interrupt that I got angry and rude back.


Also I am not on food stamps. Where in my review have I stated that I am on food stamps.

Stop assuming that just because I am black that I am on food stamps. Most of us are hard workers.