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I've tried for hours over this past weekend to submit a claim and got nothing. I let my browser sit for hours on the submitting claim section of the web site and it never went through.

I called the 800 number and that automated system told me that I had to submit my claim online. This is such a scam it isn't funny! All you get is a runaround. My husband and I went to our local WalMart this morning to see if we could get him a new cell phone there through the plan and were told no way, you have to submit the claim online, then come back to get another phone.

The only problem is WalMart only carried 2 cell phones from Boost Mobile now and neither one is the one I bought my husband nor are they acceptable to him as a replacement. Just for anyone who is reading this: Don't buy a Sanyo Mirro Boost cell phone as signal reception is horrible and slowly but surely the screen stops lighting up which is why we are trying to replace it as the screen will not light up at all now so no way to see who is texting you, calling you as well as no way to browse the internet or take photos. We will have to buy him another phone today because he cannot go this long without a cell phone.

I will never buy another cell phone from WalMart again. And this also has made me think twice about buying anything that I want a replacement plan on at WalMart since it looks as though they will just take your money for the plan and never honor it.

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Contrary to popular belief, juvenile records are NOT erased, they are just sealed.


I noticed that there are only white employees at our Wal-Marts. My husband has a pristine record in sales and marketing, and they won't even call him back.

He has a college degree and he is quite possibly the smartest man I've ever met. Nothing. I look around at the employees--all white. I don't get it.

If anything, he may be overqualified for a position there, but still! Surely they'd at least want an interview. I'm playing the "race" card.

It's not right! They'll hire toothless imbreds but not my sophisticated, intelligent, and hard-working husband.


Last time I checked, that was stealing.


Nikalseyn, do you know why we act like that? Because of inconsiderate customers who act like the world revolves around them. Calling us uncivilized and dumb just shows how immature some people are.


another satisfied Walmart customer. When will people learn NOT to shop at Walmart?

Customer service is a joke as are the strange-looking employees shuffling around all over the store, looking and acting like zombies.

It is not worth trying to save a few cents on products. Go someplace where they have civilized and literate employees.

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