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I shop at my local Walmart store where the product is on sale. The product is not on the floor so I ask customer service, Harley, said I need to leave the store and go home and order it on-line , which I did. Website says my product will be available for pick up at 7:10 pm. today. I called my local store at 7:23 pm to see if I could pick up my product like the web site said. I listened kindly to how the customer service at my Plainwell store was covering four (4) different departments. (clearly and obviously overwhelmed) I researched two (2) other Walmart stores in my area and neither had my item in stock. So now I called customer service an hour after I was supposed to pick up my product at the local store, and asked when I can expect to receive/ pick up my product from my local store ? That was a question Tony, could not answer, so he switched me to "Tier Two" and gave me a reference number. 160821-029177. So I waited on hold for 17 minutes to see if I could get a reasonable logical answer to when I could pick up the product Walmart website said was on sale and in stock at my local store, and would be ready for pick up at 7:10 pm. Damaris, from tier two stated I will never get the product which is bought and paid for at this point. The order will be automatically cancelled and money returned. I advised him I wasn't interested in returned money, I wanted product that was bought and paid for. I asked Damaris what would my next step should be since I want the product not my money back, he turned me 360* back around to my local store to ask them when it was going to be in stock. This is a seasonal item that Walmart advertised was on sale and their website said it was in stock (one left) at my store when I ordered it on-line.

A. Walmart has false advertising for On Sale Items.

B. Damaris stated the website does not keep up and usually 24 hours late.

C. Too bad we have your money, but we'll give it back eventually.

D. FINALLY. You will never get your product!

This is the first time I deliberately shopped at Walmart in many years and this experience has reminded me why I don't shop at Walmart in the first place. Let alone the time I spent on trying to get to the bottom of what should have been a simple transaction.


Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $120.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Walmart Cons: Customer service.

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Don't shop online for any retailer that does instore pick up then. All of their websites work the same.

It is nearly impossible for the website to keep up with local store inventory. The time you spend ordering a product, that shows instock, can be purchased by someone in the store at the same time. This is why none of the stores can do a real time inventory accounting.

Now, if you ordered a kayak, that the sales person told you was not in the store, then I am confused as to why you would not question the pick up time with the 800 customer service number.

In 24 hours, the order will automatically cancel, and your refund will be given to you.

What you should do, is either go to a sporting goods store that actually stocks kayaks (never seen one at a WM ever), and buy it there, OR, order at WM because it is cheaper, and have it shipped to the store for free. You can do that.