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This is the 2nd time in 2 weeks where I have gone to Walmart and there were no small shopping baskets that i could put on my lap while i pick shop in the store. I am paraplegic who can not push a regular cart and like to be independent and shop on my own.

The previous time I was there ,3 weeks ago, they finally found a lap basket for me after I asked a teller to help me find one. Today, November 8, 2013 , i finally asked to speak with a manager and she told me she understood my problem but that the blue lap baskets I am accustomed to using whenever i go shopping at any store, is not available because they keep disappearing. I am TOTALLY amazed that the biggest store in the United States can not manage to keep up with maintaining these small lap baskets while every every store where I have shopped in the last 20 years has had them.

SHAME ON YOU WALMART!! I expected more from you tom sieck

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pick Up Service.

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Blame the lazy customers that set them in random places because they cant be bothered to bring them back to where they got them or the ones that steal them. If its such a huge.problem then buy your own basket or a reusable shopping bag and then you dont jave to worry anymore. Problem solved.


You are blaming them because people steal the baskets. That is the reason they disappear. Also as someone mentioned tellers work in banks.


They are also popular with customers who don't need a lot of items... they are baskets that are easily held in one hand.

Some people also enjoy them due to the fact if they can't stuff the cart full they will feel they need to buy less.


report the the american with disabilities act they may be required to supply something for wheel chair people. On another post they do ot have enough electric carts either!!


Walmart is NOT REQUIRED to supply the public with electric carts!!!!! They simply do it as a COURTESY to their customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As far as the little blue hand baskets go, yes they disappear VERY quickly!

We try to order more but we go through Lot of them! ,)


When you were told they small baskets keep disappearing, my opinion is that it isn't that they aren't being maintained, it is more than likely that people take them out with them and take them home. I have seen people in the power chairs push a regular shopping cart in front of them.

I have also seen people fasten a small waste basket between their feet with a bungee cord. The people that work at WalMart aren't tellers.

Tellers work in banks. The WalMart employees are cashiers.