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2 years ago in December, I was in Wallmart, Keswick. looking for long johns.

I couldn't find any, and finally after a half hour of trying to find someone to help me, I was taken to the women's department, next to the change rooms. I was told this was where the men's long johns were. Well they had no men's but they did have women's long johns. I went every Friday till the end of February.

Never did get them. Kinda curious why in a country known for being cold and having lots of snow, there would be no long johns. Now it is 2018. This is the first year I've seen them for sale in the winter.

So to sum it all up, 1) one of the coldest countries known by everyone on the planet, and Walmart for the past 2 years has been selling long johns in the summer. 2) they were located in the women's department next to the change rooms,(but this year was in the correct department), 3) If this was women's long johns, and location was reversed (in men's department next to change rooms) how long do you think it would be before there was a complaint? 4) now they are only selling one brand so now I have to go to Mark's to get them. 5) Never enough staff 6) and finally, why is it you can clearly see into the men's washroom from check out the guys at the urinals?

I'm pretty sure the women have complete privacy. Walmart, you really suck!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This was not worth the time it took to write it. Ridiculous and embarrassing.


Maybe they sold out in November, by people smart enough to stock up ahead of time?