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my wife and I stopped at Walmart tonight Fri Dec. 8th to pick up a few things, .

went to check out at a 20 items or less line. I noticed the 2 women had more then 20 items that were in front of us.I started to get upset because of what was going on. The cashier told me to get upset with her for what was happening. when she was done ringing up their purchase, it come to $83.00.

She took out her credit card to pay for it , and it would not go through. by this time I was really upset with what was going on. I cannot believe the cashier would let them checkout in that line with all the stuff they had. It got into a shouting match between me and one of the woman with what was going on.

The cashier told me to be quiet and that it was her fault for what happened. At that point I walked out and left everything there that I had wanted to buy. The isle clearly said 20 items or less. I not only got into a shouting match with the one woman that was trying to buy all that stuff, but the stupidity of the cashier for letting this happen.

I told them I would never shop at this Walmart again. They made it seem like it was my fault for saying something.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Cons: Way they took care of the problem.

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I have worked as a Walmart cashier. We are told specifically to accept more than 20 items in that lane if it’s a slow time so as to get people out the door faster.

Let me assure you, we don’t like taking giant orders when we’re supposed to be taking a few items at a time, but it definitely doesn’t help when there are horrid customers like you treating us like we’re stupid for doing our damn job.

Stop being so entitled. Have a bit of compassion.


To: Anonymous0 Agreeing with you. I am so sick and tired of seeing the most sweetest and nicest employees getting treated like crap.

I was inside one of the locations where i am at. There were two employees by the fitting room and clothes are at. They are always so helpful and sweet. They are always help their customers and too the other employees.

There was an female customer who was racially profiling them. She was throwing her clothes and her purse she was buying next too them. While being mean and nasty too them. The Lady Customer.

"Oh. I don't want these... too help me." "These... always steal." You know racial profiling the employees.

I am shocked and appalled that for what i am hearing. I am like, "Knock it off. There is no need for people too treat others like this." The Lady customer, "Well. Look at them." "They look like they are an part of an.....I replied ,"So much and hate and arrogance." "This is racially profiling."The Lady customer: "So what?" At this point, i am getting more mad angry.

I asked too speak too the manager too the store too complain about the customer. I am like, "If you're not going too leave, i am going too have someone too throw you out too and too have you thinking you're shopping somewhere else like at an police station, because of what you are doing is so hateful and arrogant." The Lady customer, "Excuse Me?"I am like, "Oh Shut up, lady, You think I am playing with you?" I told the manager about the way the employees were treated by customer. The lady was kicked out of the store and was arrested. She was doing this too other people at different stores.I apologized too the employees for the way they were treated like this.

It makes me mad and sad that people still act like this today. No employee or customer should be treated like this.


It was liked that in Cànadaigua ,my same thing ,but you can just live with it or move to another aisle, also tell the floor manager, not the cashier...


You sound like a feral animal that escaped from a zoo. What a nightmare.

Had it been two men in front of you and a male cashier, you would have NOT had the balls to say anything! Go back to your penned enclosure!



Why must you get into a shouting match with anyone?

Why could you have just left without getting into a shouting match?

That would have been much better.

Since you are this upset, send Walmart Corporate Headquarters a letter detailing what you wrote in your complaint.

That information is found on their website.


Sad to say, but Walmart is not alone in not enforcing the item limits on it's lanes. Meijer is the same---they say nothing even if they can plainly see the customer has more than the allowed number of items in their cart.

You left your stuff and walked away. Fantastic!

Exactly what I have done in Meijer. If more people would do this, perhaps the store's would wise up and enforce what their own signs say.


They are not allowed to tell them to move. It's not the cashier's fault.


Troll alert! Troll alert


Someone needs a hug. But seriously, maybe self-reflect and learn to control your temper.

It's Walmart, you'll encounter many other issues there. Either stop going or shop with the knowledge of knowing it's Walmart and you'll have to remain calm.

There are bigger things in life to complain about.