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I have put my emotional support dogs in the shopping cart at the Walmart in Manor,Tx for many months now and all of sudden I can't because of to many complaints and now there is a sign stating no dog in the shopping cart. I think this unfair , what about the people that leave poopy diapers in cart is anybody complaining about this .

So if people want to complain about being unsanitary and disrespectful to other shopper than complain about something as nasty as that. Does this mean I can no longer bring to shop , and service dogs either.

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ADA law says 4 on the floor or in a carrier. ESA shouldnt even be in the store.

They arent trained to be in a public setting.

SERVICE DOGS have hours of public training. As a service dog owner i say dont put your dogs in the shopping cart!!!!!


Emotional Support Animals arenot even granted public access as they are NOT SERVICE DOGS under the ADA.


You're disgusting and unsanitary as *** I don't want my food products near where your dogs *** has been! Is the emotional support for YOU or the *** dog!?

There is NO reason that dog can't walk on his own legs! You only give a *** about your own feelings and not those around you. What about people with severe allergies to your animal, now your animals hair and dander is ALL over products they are taking home and they are sick because YOU were too incompetent to have your dog walk!

Dogs aren't mean to ride in a grocery cart and I'm glad that put an end to that *** I'm all for SERVICE DOGS providing their support, but please, emotional support dogs are NOT the same and do not have to be treated as such either! You have ZERO right to take an emotional support dog into any store and they are well within their rights to tell you to ***

to SickofFakes #1642656

This comment is extremely inappropriate and disrespectful

to SickofFakes #1647270

My service dog must be with in two to three feet from my breath to smell my blood levels. How can he do that fron the ground?

And he is in a carrying case, cushioned and protecting the shopping cart. So back off

to SickofFakes #1652508

Thank you. I can't believe the number of dogs in my local Walmart and in my frikking food baskets!

I don't want your dogs *** where my food goes! Gross. The other day it was just a puppy only weeks old and was no service dog. People now just bring in random dogs because no one is questioning it any more.

Emotional support is fine from a dog but if you need emotional support to walk into Walmart perhaps you should seek other alternatives, a shopping service perhaps. And while we are at it can we stop pretending they are human babies?

WTH happened to western women who refuse to take care of their men and children as caring for others is too opressive but now walk around pretending these are their children? We are doomed....

to TreWalker #1652748

I'd rather use a cart that a dog had sat in the basket of that a cart that had a kid slobbering all over the handle of.


Esa have no public access rights. You’re breaking the law and could go to jail. Do not bring your esa out to non pet friendly areas.


Please keep your stinky animals out of GROCERY carts. People put their meat, vegetables and other food items in them


I can not have a Service Dog because of my arms. I have trained my 4 month old cat that sets on my shoulder because I have to pet because after some surgeries I am scared of people. I don't even put her in a basket...Dillons lets me in with her, Dollar store, QT and they all have food....money talks so go to Target and Dillons where they don't discriminate.


I love dogs and I think that Wal-Mart should make some special carts with seating areas for the dogs to sit in where the child seats are.


What if I get my own cart. Can my dog go into Walmart then.

I need him near me to alert me if someone gets close. He is only 15 lbs. I can not hear him on the floor.

U can not shop and hold him. Would this be ok..?

to Fran Shahan #1631197

You can hold or walk the dog if he or she is a true service dog. Walmart is not a pet shop.

They sell food for pets and humans. Keep your dog home if he or she is not a true service animal.

to Fran Shahan #1637282

You can't hear your dog on the floor? ALL service animals are trained for ground-level care, you are full of ***

to Fran Shahan #1652510

I think that is a reasonable alternative and I am vehemently against animals in a grocery store. But really if you cannot have anyone close to you Walmart is the worst place to be.


ESAs are NOT service dogs. You MUST be aware of this policy if you are going to bring a dog in public.

This poses a serious threat to customers, and customers who require legitimate service animals, not to mention their service animals. These dogs are WORKING and cannot be distracted.


First, an "emotional support dog" is NOT a service dog. Unless he has been trained & certified.

Which judging by your ignorance of the law I assume he isnt trained or certified. Second, service animals must remain on the floor or carried by their handler.

They aren't legally allowed to ride in carts. So be pissed all you want, legally your dog shouldn't even be IN a grocery store.

to Shannon #1598044

Your a *** kid's are germy and spread sickness and our dogs don't. They are cleaner than most people. I don't put my dogs in a cart but people need to see what is really a disgusting thing.

to Shannon #1611728

There is no "certification" for either ESA or service dogs. ESA's have no public right to access in stores, restaurants, or any other public place other than airplanes (and Delta for one is starting to crack down on that).

to Shannon #1659807

There is no certification for service dogs those are scams.

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