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I have put my emotional support dogs in the shopping cart at the Walmart in Manor,Tx for many months now and all of sudden I can't because of to many complaints and now there is a sign stating no dog in the shopping cart. I think this unfair , what about the people that leave poopy diapers in cart is anybody complaining about this .

So if people want to complain about being unsanitary and disrespectful to other shopper than complain about something as nasty as that. Does this mean I can no longer bring to shop , and service dogs either.

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If you cant get thru a grocery store without mental support, you shouldn't be allowed to drive yourself there in the first place.


It's about time. Service Dogs don't ride in shopping carts and your ESA is NOT a service dog.

Bout time. I don't see poopy diapers in carts at Walmart.


Stop lying and pretending your dogs are service dogs. Service dogs walk beside you. They don't ride in carts.


Emotional support dogs are not service dogs. They don't have the access rights that Service dogs do.

That being said even LEGITIMATE SERVICE DOGS are not allowed in carts. Suck it up cupcake, your dog shouldn't be in walmart (or any other store that isn't pet friendly) in the first place.


Emotional support dogs? Hilarious!Please leave the dogs home, they do not belong in a store, let alone in a shopping cart that people put food in.The fact that people allegedly leave dirty diapers in carts (I've never seen it) is a separate issue and should be addressed also, but it has nothing to do with dogs in shopping carts.

to ransom #1452225

You know that your are wrong , I did find out that if you have some kind of barrier your allowed to bring your in any store. Even though my are Emotional Support animals I do have them register and I have a doctor authorization.

to 46623050 #1512646

first of all ESA don't have public access like service dogs and there is no registration other than online fake ones.

to 46623050 #1529398

Can you post a link saying it's ok if you use a barrier, also emotional support animals have no access rights protected by the ADA


I have had the same problem. I was told I couldn't have my Emotional Support Dog in a carriage because it was unsanitary.

I did have a blanket under my dog covering the bottom of the carriage. He is well trained and loves being in the market carriage. I don't go into the food section, I just go around the other parts of the store. I just don't think it's fair.

I have seen people bring their dogs in on leashes and they were just "pets". At least my dog is confined and will not urinate like I have seen the dogs on leashes do.

to SympatheticGreySeal #1452282

I was told by a Store Manager that long as I have their harnesses on and have some kind of barrier between the shopping cart I can put my dogs in the cart at any store that I go to. I take my animals in the stores all the time. If they are service dogs they can't stop you it's againist the law.

to 46623050 #1528111

Isnt it funny people like you, have the world at your fingertips and still done have a clue!! Read the laws!!!

to 46623050 #1529601

it is unfortunate that people have to lie about their pet dogs being service dogs.

to 46623050 #1529602

It is sad that people have to lie to be allowed to pass their dogs off as service dogs.

to SympatheticGreySeal #1520939

Emotional support dogs are not service dogs. They don't have the access rights that Service dogs do.


There are condition to no dogs in the Shopping Carts as long as you have a barrier like blanket,or a dog bed and the animal isn't directly touching the Shopping you shouldn't any issues


Same issue I can't put my sons seizure dog in the cart at Walmart I am going to shop at Target now whenever possible

to Anonymous #1450198

I think that your son's service dog should be aloud in the Shopping Cart, there should be condition so long as the dogs have their Harness on there shouldn't be a problem.


The “no dog” rule is for sanitation issues. I don’t want dog crap to be under my stuff.

to *** #1450193

Dog that are house broken don't crap in the Shopping Carts, if that's your worry what about *** baby diapers that are left in Shopping Carts, so your saying that you whether have *** diapers. Gross!!!.

to *** #1451081

If sanitation were the issue they wouldn't put kid seats in the carts. Who wants to be pushing a cart some sick kid has been in slobbering all over the handle bars?

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