Dallas, Texas

walmart no longer carry in stock their brand of tucks, that were half the price of name brand ...Tucks... can you not sell your brand are you just to greedy to make twice as much.......I have bought and use your brand of tucks,Equate, for a number of years due to a medical problem.

now in order to buy tucks I have to buy the NAME BRAND TUCKS wich sells for twice as much around $6.00 a box. what happened to Walmart idea that we Save you money, not now you dont.....ok when will you stock equate tucks again or do you have a love fest with the name Brand......

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True, Walmart will make less money selling name brands. The profit margin is less than walmart brands. They stopped selling for a different reason than being a pain in your butt,


Walmart is not the only store that sells their own house brands.


Hey ***, stores make MORE money from selling their house brands than they do expensive name brands so take your greedy conspiracies and shove them up your pooper.

You will just have to stop being a cheap *** and buy the name brand while you wait for more equates to come in.