Springdale, Arkansas
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Freaking walking by jewelry today at Wal-Mart and some old snooty *** at the counter suspected me of pocketing a watch. Freaking honky *** *** thinks because I black that I am desperate for a cheap *** $5 watch from Wally World.

You honkies are about to *** me off shoot! Then I nearly get held up at the pharmacy counter with the old honky pharmacist there thinking I am stealing there as well. I guess only black people come into the store and steal huh?

Since this store is bout 99% white, I am sure it is white people that steal. This is at 4100 W Airport Freeway in Irving, TX by da way.


Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pharmacist.

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Instead of you people screaming racism why do you not get out and educate the other colord people tat it is not acceptable to steal. Also while you are at it try to get them off they lazy you no what and get a job and get off welfare and maybe my taxes will go down.


Actually, my friend works upper management for the loss prevention department at Walmart. He said,(and this is true, and he showed me the numbers) For Walmart as a whole 95% blacks steal from Walmart, 2% are white, 2% hispanic and 1% other race.

Numbers don't lie. I worked for loss prevention for Lord and Taylor for 18 years. No joke, in those years we only aprehended 8 white people. The rest were all black.

In these 18 years I worked about 5,000 cases. That means out of 5,000 shoplifting cases, only 8 were white, the rest were black.


Your avatar looks like an ugly, shaven ape. On that note, my white friend is dating a sheboon. I told him he should just order a chimpanzee or some other kind of ape and stick his d_i_ck in that since he is already screwing an ape.


talking to you, blackmslea.


Who you talking to foo?


we all know it's MsLea, she just think she's so smart. or maybe HE for all we know.

and MsLea, you have to be married in order to be Mrs. not make up a fake marriage on a website for attention.

but thank you for telling us where the Walmart Home Office is. that's a little off topic though considering the fact that WHM has nothing to do with a low life piece of trailer trash like you.


...and this "honky" had never been to Europe, so how can I go back? Mrs Lea, I think you've skipped your meds for a few days.


Wow. Stay in the ghetto and continue to smoke your crack. I don't think you're quite paranoid enough yet.


Also Toronto is a large city as well. Funny how you can use that argument to defend yourself but we can't.

The fact that you think that I am impersonating you when Toronto is a big city but using the same logic to say that you are not blackdontcrack because your town has a high population makes you have the mental brain level of an eight year old. That being an insult to all eight year old's because I am sure even they are smarter than that.


I am also not the one who is "impersonating" you. How come if the person who is impersonating you lives in the same town as me it you say it is me, yet we are not allowed to suggest that you are blackdontcrack.

You think you own the world because your husband works at a janitor in Walmart home office, but you don't. You are nothing to the rest of the world.


That is MRS Lea. Blackoncrack isn't me.

Just because the town is the same, doesn't mean it is me.

Springdale is a pretty large town in the middle of a fast growing metro area too. Not to mention it is where the WM Home office is.


*yawn* you're getting boring MsLea.


How do you dress and represent yourself when you go to WalMart? If you're dressing like a 2 bit ho and acting like you've got a 10,000lb chip on your shoulder when you go, the clerks have a right to be looking at you like you're going to steal something.

It's called dress and act like a thief, get treated like one.

Now me, on the other hand, I am always sporting my derby and tipping it at the ladies. The amazing thing about respect.....when you give it, you get it back.


Screw your GOAT RETARDED HICK!!!!!!!!


Honky white *** cracker. Stay off my posts!!


Get a life you thrill seeking retarded whatever color and who ever you are M O R O N !!!!!!