Fullerton, California
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i visit walmart on a regular basis just to see people rip them off. i see it every time.

they walk in carrying back packs in their hand, load it up, put it on, and walk out. store policy is do not check back packs. how stoopid is that? most important is terrorists carry bombs in back packs.

will it take the loss of lives to correct this massive problem? why is there no armed guard in front of the store. only min wage greeters who don't care about theft. i have told management about this problem.

ok, we'll look into it, is the response. and that's it. will it take a catastrophy to see this policy sux? those who bring in back packs are not there to buy but to steal.

wake the *** up before it's too late. remember, if a bomb gets in, and does damage, you face a lot of law suits.

or don't you care about human life? again, wake the *** up.

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Walmart keeps prices super cheap by not having enough personnel. Target doesn't have armed guards either.

Who actually does? If you want decent service go somewhere else.

If you ant the cheapest price go to Walmart. If you're frightened of people wearing backpacks I suggest you never leave your house.


point taken. wrong point, but taken. thank you.


Corporations don't care about shoplifters. They think all theft is internal and their solution to the ever growing problem of shrink is to keep cutting payroll.


Boy, you really hit that nail on the head. On that note, maybe they should just fire everyone and give all their merchandise away, say to charity, or homeless.


Walmart cares about black people...being in their stores dat is.


And why do they check employee bags and back packs? They trust the homeless over their own?

What's wrong with that picture? The policy should be the same for everyone.


the dumb thing is they check employee bags and back packs. walmart deserves to get ripped off. they trust homeless over their own.