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I am very frustrated and disappointed with Wal-Mart for the lack of Christmas/Holiday music during the holidays!! This is a joyous time of year and I feel that when families or individuals go shopping for items during the holiday's, they look forward to and expect to have the opportunity to listen to wonderful Christmas or holiday music!

Wal-Mart sells every kind of Christmas item you can think of, as well as decorating for this season. If Wal-Mart has decided to stop playing Christmas music, so as not to offend people who do not celebrate Christmas, then perhaps they need to stop selling Christmas items. The reality is that one way or another people are going to be offended. It is a vast majority that celebrate the holidays over those who do not. Many shoppers, and I am sure the employees of the company, are irritated and disappointed that they are forced to listen to everyday music and the same "adds" all day long. Every non-holiday song is a reminder that Wal-Mart does not have the courage to celebrate the holidays along with others.

When I went to Wal-Mart just a few days ago the employees and shoppers seemed grumpy, rude, depressed, and annoyed. I asked an employee why Christmas music was not being played and was shocked to learn they were not allowed to because someone had complained that it was offensive. Well, I for one am offended that the music is not being played. I do not know if this was an individual store's decision or a corporate one, but I am certain Holiday music would cheer many and reminded them of the reason they were shopping. You cannot please everyone, as many others have stated, but why look to please the small minority?! Don't! Wake up and realize that your employees and a much larger percentage of customers will be in better spirits and more willing to shop longer and more often if the atmosphere is festive and a place they don't regret spending their time!

I for one will not be returning to our local Wal-Mart until the holiday music is turned on.


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The problem is that there is a glut of music, but they still only use the same 100 songs & artists over and over... and over.

Play holiday music, but diversify. My Christmas Spotify station I created is so much more diverse than anything on any radio station or department store boasts.


@Wow it's not the grumps, it's the lack of variety and inovation in chain store's idea of christmas that makes this nation the garbage pitt you describe.


Thank you Walmart. I hope others follow.

The problem is that the xmas music collection of our country has not changed since the 1950's it seems.

All we get is new renditions of the same annoying tunes. From thanksgiving on I have to avoid shopping centers to keep myself sane.


@Actual Retail Employee - I rarely comment on posts, but I've never heard of someone getting depressed from listening to too much christmas music. I don't care much for it myself but it's people like you with your grumpy attitude that make this nation the garbage pitt it's become.


I have to say that you really must not work in a retail store where they play christmas music. Its more depressing listening to it, it will drive you insane, we are forced to listen to christmas music 8 hours a day 5 days a week whether we want to or not.

I wish my place of employment would stop playing christmas music. They werent "grumpy, rude, depressed, and annoyed" because there wasnt christmas music, they were probably annoyed because they have to deal with people who are relentlessly full of holiday "cheer" like you. I love the holidays, and I myself decorate and celebrate christmas to the fullest.

But hearing the same 30 songs over and over again will quite literally drive you insane, look it up, Australia has a ban on it because of psycological studies. Not to be insulting but you are clearly uneducated as to the real reasoning that Wal-mart does not play christmas music, its because it is unhealthy for those that work for them.


I am offended that you wasted space on this website and wrote this petty *** about being offended. If you want to hear holiday music then go to a Christmas store otherwise quit whining like a big baby and get over it.


why does wal-mart start setting up christmas displays right after labor day--by the time christmas comes around i'm already tired of looking at their stuff--and i'll tell you something that works for me--i stay away from them as much as possable--wal-mart is just another money hungry store--they have ruined so many smaller stores with their "low prices" that they get from china and other foreign countries--i can remember when wal-mart use to have big signs in the store bragging about "american made" and we support "americans workers--but to increase their profits they slowly started sneeking in the junk from over seas--i myself will pay a few cents to a few dollars more to buy american made products--so yes--i'm not a wal-mart person.