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I'm done with walmart. I'll never buy anything there again.

On line or at there lazy, lying, thieving, corrupt stores. I use to be proud of walmart. That was a long time ago. I've been over charged.

Had an sd card stolen. Refused a return. Tried to buy a treadmill in store. That lead to (3) three lost employees.

I was afraid to send the forth in the back to find them. Just walked out and bought online. When i did shop there. You got fifty people trying to check out.

Only one register open. Be thankfull, we get two registers during christmas. When i complained. I was blamed.

Well they cant blame me now. This is my last day on there phone. Thats a ripp off to. For those who still shop there.

You'll fugure it out. Check your receipt. Are you getting charged for 3 twelve packs of pepsi, when you only got two. I will not take anyone there nor shop myself.

Walmart the next kmart. By

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Over-charging is now becoming rather frequent at many retail stores. They either have no price posted anywhere near the products displayed and a lack of price-checks in the store but the real scam comes when the item(s) scan higher than they should be and because the cashier scans the items at a furious pace you fail to notice the higher price.

Walmart in my area is notorious for this, as are the Meijer stores. The best thing to do is slow down the cashier so you can observe each and every item price as it is scanned.

As for the lack of manned checkouts, Meijer stores are giving Walmart a run for their money is this area. always has adequate open checkout lanes---just a thought.


OMG! You are so right!

They are losing customers by the thousands every month. Most my friends been stopped shopping at Walmart but I still stuck with them, but no more, I'm done with them.

Besides that I read on this site that their staff members say horrible things to people who give them bad reviews. That is so shameful.


We find it difficult to believe. Expect to see you at WM tomorrow.


Maybe not tomorrow but within a week or month.