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My name is Marian, I live a rural part of Florida. I have been trying to buy a Nativity for the past 2 years at three area Walmarts.

I am very upset that there are none for sale in a store that is supposed to be for the common people of our country. I am a Christian and I have found absolutely nothing in these store that supports my belief. The Bible says that if "you deny Me before the world, I will deny you before my Father". I do not understand why they can carry victorian villages and not nativity items.

It is a real good indicator of why our nation is in trouble. This companies founder is probably rolling in his grave! Wal-Mart!!! Wake up.

If you want business to grow, maybe you should show a little bit of Christianity in your market place. I have money to spend and nothing to spend it on. Reindeer and snowmen really have nothing to do with Christmas, or did you forget what it is all about?! If son, I will be happy to remind you.

"For unto you in the City of David, a Savior is born".

I thank GOD for my savior, and so should Wal-Mart. Carry what I need or I will try my best to shut your doors!

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Same in Washington, Utah


What kind of 1d10t goes to the same store for 2 YEARS in a row; knowing full well that they do not, and have never, carried what they are looking for AND then comes online to complain about it? lol. You have religious nut written all over you!


It is people like you who are causing all of this. You commies are trying to wipe out religious freedom in America.


People like you are also the reason Walmart doesn't carry nativity scenes and why we can't say Merry Christmas anymore.


...time out... so..

walmart will dedicate a whole *** isle to virgin mary candles but no nativity stuff?

.... lame.


I just can't even get over how unchristian your attitude is. Do you think Jesus would become angry, and rant, and try to get Walmart shut down because they didn't carry a certain religious item, so as not to offend, and to serve everyone?

Jesus was all about love. And he absolutely did NOT just love Christians- he loved everybody.

It's "Christians" like you that make our beautiful religion look bad.

LOVE, don't hate. Please.


This HAS to be a troll.... I mean seriously?

It's a free market, lady, they don't have to sell anything. We do not have a national religion, so what your saying wouldn't be for the common people of our country. They don't have any Islamic or Jewish or any other religious products either, I'm guessing, probably because the store IS for the common people and they don't want to offend anyone by having stuff for some religion and not another. Which is an ethical thing to do I think, as well as smart business wise.

They probably do not want to seem like a store whose targeted customers are of a specific religion. What's next, are you going to try and get Dairy Queen shut down for not carrying cross shaped sprinkles?

America was founded on religious freedom- and a huge part of that is keeping religion separate from public things. I'm Christian too, and I'm not going around trying to say every store has to carry religious items or else...


Freedom of Religion is all I can say. Not every1 believes n Santa but they sale Santa.

They sale crosses that Jesus died on in the jewelry section but no1 finds that offensive and so what if they do.

I think Walmart should definitely carry Christian Christmas decor. It's only gonna make them $ so it's *** for them not to.


This is a perfect example of someone not understanding the separation of church and state. They in no way need to support your 'christian beliefs'. In fact, they shouldn't be forcing Christianity on people by playing christmas music and agressively displaying nativity scenes; because believe it or not, a lot of people in the US - 'common people'- don't share your beliefs, so stop trying to force them on others.


It's pretty obvious that your christian boycott is not working too well. Walmart is the largest retailer in the world.

I find christiand and religion in general to be the most dangerous organizations in the world.

You are the root of almost every evil in existance. Shame on you!!


No nativity scenes of any kind available there either. I was able to find a small snow globe at Target in Gainesville, fL but that's it.

My question is: if you're celebrating CHRISTmas, then you are either a Christian or very confused about what your religion says. Why wouldn't they have a religious symbol for a religious holiday in the stores?

Christmas is definitely not about snowmen and reindeer! Wake up people!



I'm very happy to say that I found nativity sets at my Walmart in Lincolnton, NC.

I'm very thankful and hope everyone remembers Jesus this year because He loves you and that's why He came.


go online and buy one. stop complaining about walmart's lack of stuff. not every store can carry everything single thing you want.


Wal-Mart are the ones that are Insane. Not only do they not sell Nativity's the no longer play Christmas music. Goodbye Wal-Mart, Hello Target, K-Mart and other stores that sell Nativity's and play Christmas music


you are absolutely insane.

if you are such a devoted christian, then it shouldnt be a problem to spend more money going to the christian stores

help your fellow christians


and please, save you bible quotes, if i need that i will go to the library or google it


I completely agree!! I couldn't find the first nativity set at our wal-mart in GA either. I don't like wal-mart anyway, one more reason not to go there, I guess!