what is WALMART afraid of ??? not selling Nativity sets/scenes "in stores",, but selling them on line??

are you afraid of "OFFENDING" others??? well, I am offended that WALMART is not selling the Nativity sets !!! in that case,, why sell anything with an association with CHRISTmas??? Christ-mas is celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ,, note I said "celebration" because historically the actual birth day is vague,,, but know Walmart's founder Mr Sam Walton,, is turning over in his grave..

and probably shaking his fist in heaven at Walmart, right this minute. oh, how about a CHRISTIAN boycott Virginia Causey Metairie LA

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Orange, California, United States #910492

How do you know he is in Heaven, from what I know he is not exactly religious.

Houston, Texas, United States #910468

Amite store as well. I will no longer be buying anything from Wal-Mart.

You can have your man in red, or his frozen friend, just please let me have my Saviour and His wise and faithful friends.



But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.


Retailer devote floor space to products that move quickly.

I am wiling to bet walmart sells many more inflatable snowmen and fake trees than nativity sets. Thus the 4 aisles they devote to seasonal merchandise is occupied by the products people actually buy.

Sam Walton was about moving mechanside, high volume, low margin. He would be rolling around in his grave if walmart was stocking an aisle of ceramic baby Jesus dolls that nobody bought.


I may be wrong but I thought church and state are separate making this a secular country. Thanks for clearing up that, that is not listed in the Constitution after all.


Not to mention I'm sure Walmart won't miss having whiny customers like you coming there to shop.


It might come as a surprise to the two Yiddish-inclined commentators, but the US is a christian country, not muslim, jewish, or anything else. Believe what you want, but when in Rome......


If you want to see a nativity scene then go to a Christmas store. How about all of the Jewish product they DON'T have on display.

They should be all placed up to then. If thats all you have to complain about the BOOO HOOOO HOOOO GET A *** LIFE!!!


I'm angry too. I spent 40 years in that *** desert, and when I walked into Walmart there was no Jew stuff.

No hannaka manures, no matza ball soup. They threw me out when I took a nasty dump on a frosty the snowman doll.

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