Gardner, Kansas

This morning I went to walmart for an oil change. Jeff was working the counter and said they are out of oil and can't do oil changes.

He went on to complain about his job but I asked if oil could be taken off the shelf to use. He was going to charge me extra $13.47 for quakerstate oil in the 5 qt container. He said, "They really don't like us doing that." He went on to tell me there are other places in town to go and told me to go there or to the walmart on K7. I asked for management and he said he hadn't seen any yet.

Well I found 3 of them together and told them of my problem. It fell onto deaf ears.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $38.

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I have had an oil change at TLE and it had to be taken off the shelf because the oil my vehicle requires, the shop does not carry it in bulk or the economy box oil due to requirements of warranty. So, they did have to take it off the shelf.

I did have to pay a little more but that didn't matter to me.

They can take oil off the shelf for oil changes.


I have no respect for the Walmart corporation. Walmart is a billion dollar giant, that does not want to provide good customer service or quality service.

Walmart is only a mill "Save money live better" it should be "spend money and leave"


Walmart bashers make me laugh. You talk *** about them while you give them your money.

Guess what? Any store with a lube shop will not take oil off the shelf to do an oil change.


They can NOT take oil off the shelf for oil changes. are thick aren't you???

They could not help you and sent you elsewhere. Good customer service.