Phoenix, Arizona
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I called 4 stores, all around Phoenix area, same questions...

no one of the women that answer the phone had any customer service knowledge..I understand the madness behind this monster chain is almost like hire anyone, minimum wages....who cares about any thing about Home Depot, they trained their employees how to answer questions...maybe they do not know much about the product but they manage to be courteous...why is it that Walt-mart can not accomplish the same...

Or is it that it just happens in Phoenix,Az? High School kids?Latin kids born in this country? Funny, everyone of them did have an accent...that is the problem here in Phoenix/Tijuana,AZ...every job has been taken by some mexican legal or illegal...WHERE IS JOE? HELP!!!!WE NEED THIS STATE BACK TO THE USA...CITIZENS.....


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"Lbauer" YOU ARE A RACIST IMBECIL! What does being of the Hispanic race have to do with a human beings inability to do their job correctly!

Just this past week - someone made a human error on Wall Street (Entering a wrong number.)...which made some stocks drop drastically - I guess this was an "ILLEGAL MEXACAN" who did this too :roll ..."Lbauer", you have a lot of hatred and STUPIDITY!

Stop blaming every god *** pathetic issues on the "ILLEGALS" or the Hispanic race! We are ALL of the human race, including you...I think :x We ALL have faults and we ALL have the GOD GIVEN RIGHT to live peacefully in GOD's WORLD!


you like the low prices don't you? the more walmart spends on training, the higher prices you will pay.

and that is true for 99% of businesses. so if you want better service, you will probably have to go somewhere that charges more.

you get what you pay for, and that includes service too.


People like you bring down America