Raleigh, North Carolina

Thought I was getting information from a manager - but the person I spoke to was apparently not a manager. How was I to know??

The person who gave me the information I was seeking didn't say blah, blah, blah but I am not a manager. The people who work in the electronics department at the WalMart Cary SuperCenter are lackadaisical and unresponsive to a customer's needs. It is too bad that the folks that live in Cary, NC don't have many options except for the Cary SuperCenter. Re: clothes - if you want to buy something-just keep looking and looking and get it yourself or keep asking and asking.

The managers at the SuperCenter are extremely authoritative and rude. But, as I said unfortunately the folks in Cary, NC don't have much of a choice. I think this is what you call a monopoly.

Also, if you telephone the Cary SuperCenter employees are only allowed to give their first name.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Did you ask for a manager? Plus, if you can't tell the difference between a manager and an associate, then you clearly aren't the brightest crayon in the box, are you?

Second, associates at any store are not allowed to give their last names. Their last name is of no concern to you.


It's silly to think that everyone you talk to is going to say blah blah blah I'm not a manager. Next time try looking at their name tag where a job title is clearly identified.

Also, managers dress very differently from the rest of the staff. And, it is up to the associate whether or not they want to give their last name. Really there is no reason anyone should need it as associates can be identified by their first name and work area. Personally I would never give my last name to anyone at work because its no ones business, especially over the phone.

For all they know you are their long lost stalker. There is such a thing ad privacy.