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I bought 3 pc video games for 110 $ they were within spec to run on my gameing sys. but each one ran slow and did not funtcion properly.I tried to return them ( it even states on ther web page they will a take video game returns ) 2 people there tell me that I cannot return them because of copyright laws but I can exchange them for the exact ones i purchased, whats wrong with this picture.

first what do ya think i am some kind of hacker and 2nd if the first 3 didnt work why would the 2nd set 11 billion dollar business and they cant part with my 110$ also spent 700$ on eye care still cant see ***. will see if I can get a refund for that and see a real eye doctor.

PS was going to purchase a complete ps3 gameing system + games . went to amazon.com with much better pricing and shipping, I am no longer a walmart customer

Monetary Loss: $110.

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You want to quote the website return policy? Here it is "BOOKS, MOVIES, MUSIC & VIDEO GAMES - 90 days if unused, unopened, and unmarked"


Even if they make millions a year they have to follow the law. Duh.

If people researched the games and their PC and what games work on what programs they would not have this problem.

The fact that the OP does not have the skills to type at a second grade level, there for would not be able to *** the game does not change the fact that by law they can only exchange the games for the same ones. 2sassy and OP, next time ask someone who knows how to read to read the requirements for the games you buy.

@Jedi Knight Ethan

Really? Why do you have to bring up bad typing skills?

It's not cool that you're just trying to be a bully about it, when you yourself seem to have quite a few typos in your comment. And if perhaps you happened to read a little more clearly, you would have noticed that the OP stated very clearly that they reviewed the specs and her system was within the requirements.


It is copyright law, at any store, in any state. A video game, dvd, blu-ray, cd, or any software, that has been opened, can not be returned and only exchanged for the same item. There are signs posted by the registers in electronics and at customer service.


Since no one has any way to identify what a hacker or software pirate looks like, then a universal policy has to be enforced. Opened software, whether it be games, movies, or other programs, CANNOT be returned once opened due to copyright laws.

Walmart is not unique in this.

It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that your system will run properly and meets the minimum (preferably the "recommended") specs on the software package. You can't rant against Walmart for that.


Better yet, put the video games down and get a life. All this comotion over *** like video games.


I want to get even more lazy and much more fat. Need more video games!


Before you buy that PS3, make sure the store you shop at accepts opened video games as a return. Since you find Walmart's policies(and every other store because they all have the same policy)unacceptable, it's best you give up shopping altogether.




Try Game Fly. Ha!


Duh, dumb butt. All games are that way on return, so you can't play and return.

Not their fault your system sucks.

Can you say upgrade? But then most people like you are clueless of your system specs.


I had the same thing happen to me and the pathetic thing was they didn't even have the same exact game for me to swap it for. They ended up "letting" me get another in stock game.