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I went to customer service for a refund for some fabric I purchased, I had a receipt for the item. I was returning the fabric because it was the wrong shade.

I was told there is no refund on fabric returns. I asked the young lady that at the service desk was there a sign stating it in the fabric department. i asked to speak to a manager I was told they were busy. I walked to the fabric department the lady was at the cutting table.

I asked her the same question about the returns on fabric. She stated, " No returns because the fabric had already been cut." I looked around I did not see a sign or anything stating that in the department. If this is one of Walmart policy it is the first time I have heard of this particular one. I am stuck with some fabric that I have no use for.

I think it is wrong but I don't make the rules if I did I would POST it.

I will continue purchasing my fabric at HANCOCK fabric store. The principal of the matter is I could have use that money at the gas pump .

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $9.

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Toronto, CA you guys are kinda rude people.... I came across this one for another return item I needed to know on but for you...

I agree not in the back of the receipt, at the store nor at the fabric department does it say about fabric return. I've actually purchased pre-cut fabric from Walmart so I'm sure they can remarket that. It was a clearance item when I bought it and they had a bin full of misc. fabric but hey atleast it wasn't a complete loss.

I live in California but I'm sure our return policy couldn't be that much different.


I agree with you because I went to walmart today trying to return some fabric and they told me they couldn't take it back. Even the return policy I read online didn't say anything about no refunds on fabric. Besides, I have been to several walmart where they have bins full of cut fabrics.


Yeah I'm at a $100 loss cause of this.


You do know that the fabric was cut specifically for you. There aren't any signs saying you can't *** in the middle of the aisle but you know you still can't do it. Common sense.


I know I wouldn't want to buy anyone else's fabric rejects. Also, is there a sign saying you can't *** in the floor? Cause I'm pretty sure that's not allowed either.


Most of the time there is no need for a sign that is common sense. The fabric was cut specifically for you.


Both Joann fabrics and Hancock, which they are no longer in business will take back cut fabric over a yard as long as nothing was done to it.... Stop being so rude about it. Cause you are wrong.


Why not next time bring an adult along with you when you ask for cut fabric that way they can make sure you get the right shade. Also get the parent to read the back of your receipt and the return policy board since you clearly are unable to read simple English.

First Born Triplet

Hey you are from the same city as I am.


To me this makes sense. There is no guarantee they will be able to sell the fabric after it was CUT FOR YOU. You picked it, you requested it cut, so now you can live with it They are not required to post a sign saying it can't be returned and for most people it is probably common sense, just like a special order.

First Born Triplet

They can still sell the fabric, they just have to make sure the customer is not cutting some of it and trying to return the whole thing for full price they paid. Then they could measure it by how many inches it is cut or however they sell fabric.